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About Us

PARASTIN is an upcoming aesthetic & streetwear group on the Roblox platform. I am currently looking for a quality builder to provide the group with it’s first homestore.

The Team
@SamWillGoHam - Owner & Designer
@vacant_couldbeyou - Homestore Builder

About The Job

– Looking for an original homestore made from scratch after discussing it with the builder (no pre-made builds please)
– Soft/aesthetic style
– Small - medium size
– No specific due date but it is expected to be completed in a timely manner once you start (1 - 2 weeks or less)
– NO free models (with the exception of mannequins)
– You are allowed to use assets that you created and saved from your previous builds


^^^ NOT looking for re-creations but please take inspiration if possible!


– Budget for this project is 5,000 robux
– NOT looking to spend the entire budget unless your work deserves it. If your work isn’t high quality but you are still asking for the full 5k, don’t expect to be hired.
– We will agree on payment before any work is begun, so there will be no surprises.

– Also, there will be NO up-front payments.
– Exceptions can be made if you are trustworthy and have an excellent reputation.
– Payment proof below (recess is my main group)
I have a spotless track record in the Roblox community and will not scam or waste your time.


Oops! As this recruitment post is now closed, there is no need for my contact information to be on here anymore.

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Hi there, this does look interesting and I think I should give it a try! I have sent you a friend request on Discord, for note my user is parrot;#4612. I’ll provide my portfolio and more when you accept. :grin:

Sent an FR: Itsyourdriver#7497

Portfolio: (0/2) OPEN! | Itsyourdriver | Building, Scripting, GFX, + More!

Hello, how are @SamWillGoHam? I’m interested, for worked for you. I like a build, and i’m interested. My name Discord is: Grenouille # 0604

Heya id love to help you on this project!

I will send examples on discord

Discord: A1.2trappy#4996

Hey there! I’m interested! My discord is ariveua#0001. Currently working on a build that fits the pink style you are looking for, based on the examples.

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