[CLOSED] Noodle Soup Studio’s, A new team recruiting for the long term

About Us

Hey there! We are creating a new team for our group called: Noodle Soup Studios.

The Team
@Kaizarr - Owner (Kaizarr#5016)
@DarkAgeOwl - Manager (DarkAgeOwl#2678)

You can see our first game here: School [Story]🏫 - Roblox

About The Job

We are currently looking for modelers / scripters to join us and create some of the best games roblox has ever seen!!
(We hope for teamplayers who’ll stay with us for the long term)
Do you want more info about the job & payments? Contact us!

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or through discord! Kaizarr#5016 or DarkAgeOwl#2678
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Hello! I know that you didn’t state that you needed this, but I can provide UI designing, clothing designs, and art to your game. I also have experience with building, but not low poly :slight_smile:

Here’s my portfolio! ^^^

I also sent you a friend request on discord, my user is arianagrande lol so I hope to hear from you soon !

Hey! I would love to be apart of your team, I do 3D Modeling, Environmental Design, and RBX Studio Building. You can find my portfolio Down below!

I’ve also sent you a friend request on discord under the name, CarvedWGL.

Discord: CarvedWGL#9305

Hello! Can you provide more info on what kind of game are you going to make?
Thank you

Hi! So we are going to create story game. We have our own plot writer. More information I can tell u in Descord )

I’m interested in the building position. I specialize in low-poly. You can find my portfolio here:

My discord is: arealrobloxian_21#4223

I would be interested in a job as a UI designer or something, I could easily do a painted logo or thumbnail for the game. My discord: HASKY#8723 and this is my portfolio: [FOR HIRE] HASKYNEK - Builder,Modeler,Clothing Designer,Cartoon GFX

Hello! I am interested in this position! You can contact me via discord at: laughingeevees#8659. This is my portfolio:


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