[CLOSED] Norwegian Resort is hiring 2 low poly builders for V2


About Us

Hey all! Norwegian Resort is a resort group that has nearly 10,000 members on the ROBLOX platform.
We were on hiatus but we are in the process of returning, all we are missing are at this point is the “looks” of the group.
The Team
@Miss_Pyro - Builder #1
@MaximusVigilante - Builder #2

Both builders may assist each other when needed and if capable but each builder will primarily focus on what they’re assigned to do, when applying supply a proper portfolio and a short description on what you’re most skilled at t’s a plus if you’re an all arounder.

About The Job

We are looking for 2 fantastic low poly builders who can create an amazing resort using reference photos, and their imagination when able to. The look we are going for is a tropical low poly vibe, nothing more nothing less. We’re looking for people capable of making good looking low poly buildings, neat looking islands, gyms, and just a nice amount more. More details on what the entire job entails will be given when hired, but just know we’re looking to create a masterpiece.

Each builder will have a set schedule to work if both builder’s timezones are identical, at the end of the day we want a dedicated builder, someone whos good and has a nice amount of work ethic, someone who doesn’t stall, delay and give excuses. We’re looking for people who actually want to finish what they started without causing a big fuss and someone who can also put their 2 cents in when needed. Communication is key, we need you to communicate with us about your progress, update us on when you can or cant build and more.

There will be a progress check every week. Our deadline is 1 month from now but if the progress is close to being finished by the end of the deadline we can be lenient another week or 2 tops if needed.


We are paying 20K+ ROBUX per builder, totaling up to 40K ROBUX combined, the payment method will be by group funds and will be payed out after everything is finished.
Payment may increase depending on numerous factors including work ethic. We will pay what you’re worth and if you’re worth it you will get paid more. Work harder, paid better.

Contact Us

I respond the fastest on Discord: barry44177#7869 that is the very best way to contact me. However there’s no problem with contacting me on devforums itself either.

The only requirement we have is for you to be above the age of 13.

Thank you for reading. :slight_smile:


Hello! I would love to work on this exciting project I have 3 years experience in building low poly builds and I am a very good team worker and can finish very quick my discord is A1.2trappy#4996 I will send my portfolio and some of my best low poly

Can’t wait to speak!

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Hello! I am very interested. I sent you a message on Discord. :slight_smile:

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Added you on discord (will#4070) looking forward to it!

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i can do something like this add me Builder_Konn#2858 if u are interested


I am interested hope to work with you!

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I respond on discord, not too sure if you sent me anything but hiring process is fairly soon. if you’re interested and feel you’re capable don’t hesitate to hmu on there.

Ok… My low poly work is decent not that good but not that bad. Let me send you some pictures or let me find some.

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