(Closed) Not accepting

This used to be a portfolio but I have moved on! Sorry for the inconvenience!!

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are you able to script Disasters and Round scripts ETC.

Yes I am! :smiley:

Add me on discord to talk more! UnitornsReal#9113

just saying, percentage only.

i have made decent games before, There is I’ve made with a group called Jungle escapes

Can you please add me on discord so we can discuss?

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Really don’t recommend this guy, wasted a WHOLE WEEK for us, where he said he will do it 100%, we were offerring 50 usd for a simple cafee serving script, he ditched us after a WEEK of no progress and fake promises on his side, saying he wont be working for us cause he expected to be paid 750 usd a month like one of our long term programmers.

Please do not waste people’s time in the future.