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About Us
Hello there! We are a development group called Runaway Studios. We just started, and are looking to make an amazing new game for members of the Roblox community to enjoy!

The Team
@MrDurpy01 - Project Leader
@Cookiez_zzz - Builder
@Crrustyy - Programmer

About The Job
We are looking for a professional programmer to help us out on this project. The programmer is expected to finish all programming to a high quality.

Jobs you will have to do:
-Main script (Teleporting to the minigame)
-Leaderstats (Wins and coins)
-Minigame winning. (In the DMs, we will discuss how the players win in each stage.)
-+1 Win, +10 coins for whenever the player wins.
-GUI where it introduces the minigame and telling players what they need to do to win it.
-Teams - Lobby and Players. (When people are teleported to the map, their team changes to Players.)
-When all players end, the minigame ends.
-Map loading and teleporting.

We are paying in percents.
Programmers Percentage - 20-30% of game revenue.

Other profits made by the game will go towards advertisements and other essentials needed to help the game

Contact Us
You can contact me on the developer forum, or on discord.
Discord - MrDurpy#1250
Developer Forum - @MrDurpy01

Thanks for reading!! :slight_smile:

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I am interested, I will contact you on discord, TaylorXIV#0447

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@Crrustyy I didn’t know that you were a programmer?

Also, 20 to 30% isn’t enough. Programming. A mini game isn’t easy… It should be over 30%, 20% is way to little, also, you should have some backup Robux, in case the project doesn’t succeed, so that programmers can trust this project.

Eh, its easy if your good at it lol

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