[CLOSED] OCEAN CITY - Advanced Scripter [250-400k or 1400$] + [20%]



I am the owner/builder of Ocean Hotels, a group with 200k members and 10m visits. I study architecture and I have been building cities on roblox for fun since 2011, and now I hope to find someone who also dreams about making an amazing roleplay city game!


It’s a roleplay city game called Ocean City.

The game offers a freedom of roleplay, by offering large catalogs with: 110 tools, 10+ houses, including yachts and submarine houses, 20+ vehicles, 79 animated roles and premium gamepasses for certain plots, tools, vehicles and roles.

It will be about living in lavish mansions in the hills, superyachts, private jets, castles, skyscrapers, exotic cars and much more!

There will be no in-game currency in order to offer a pure roleplay experience where players do not have to farm money in order to progress.


1. vehicle catalog (select + spawn + premium gamepass for certain vehicles, vehicles are already scripted by AtAltitude)

2. houses catalog (select plot + select house + select premium plots)

3. animations catalog (select different animations)

4. avatar editor (change or add accessories, clothes, skin color, height, width)

5. backpack (scroll through tools + spawn, uniforms)

6. character identity (change rp name, change role (=overhead UI))

7. gamepass store (to buy premium gamepass, role gamepass(swat, president, super rich), premium plot, submarine house gamepass, ...)

8. settings (mute ambient sound, other music, place markers, ...)

9. radio (select between 4 different playlists)

10. home controls (in-house music, invite server to party, lock house, close curtains, name house sign, recolor house, teleport to house, remove house, set on fire)

11. in-game clock + date + temperature

12. player interaction (roommate, carry, ban/unban, piggyback)

13. server notification ("Club X has opened - teleport -")

14. take job + sometimes adding features to certain roles (e.g. making the rocket launch for the astronaut role + skydiving back to the surface)

15. adding the animations (made by Nd89) to the tools.

note: there is no interior placement system or in-game currency

Your job would simply be to assemble these parts together into one polished experience.


Between 250k to 300k based on experience and dedication to the role.

I will pay 300k robux (1050 USD) + 20%:

  1. If you can convince me that you are advanced and DEDICATED TO FINISH a game.
  2. If you have released games succesfully in the past, reaching around 500-1000 concurrent players or more, and if this game is also advanced enough (e.g. not an obby or a simple simulator).
  3. If you have atleast 4 years of scripting experience.
  4. If you can provide a portfolio of your work.

In other cases I will pay closer to 250k robux (875 USD) + 20%.


A bonus of 100k robux if done within 42 days based on our personal evaluation.

This means that you could receive up to 400k robux (1400 USD) + 20%.


Most parts have been finished, we just need someone to put everything together.

  1. UI assets: 23/23 assets
  2. Animated tools: 40/110 tools
  3. Uniforms & costumes: 22/23
  4. Role icons: 79/79
  5. Scripted cars: 6/20
  6. Car models: 16/26
  7. Unique vehicles: 6/8
  8. Map & interiors: 40%


  1. @Caratts: owner + builder of map and interiors + paying for the whole thing
  2. @chenami: UI designer
  3. @iDespairful: car modeler
  4. @Diviniite: unique vehicle modeler
  5. OneMayne: clothing designer (uniforms and RP clothes)
  6. @BionicTea: UI icon artist
  7. @Disored: tools modeler
  8. @AtAltitude: car chassis programmer
  9. @maumau94: assistant car programmer
  10. @nd89 : animator
  11. ???: trailer animator (something with lavish mansions, a jet, a yacht and lots of crazy cars :money_mouth_face:)
  12. ???: music producer


This is just work in progress:


Developer Forum: @caratts
Discord: Caratts#6048
Twitter: https://twitter.com/24Caratts

final note: this project is very serious as I am investing well over a million robux into this project!

Thank you for reading! :slight_smile:

PS: Feel free to share this post with anyone who might be interested, and let me know if I forgot to add any important information to this post


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