[CLOSED] OctoberSparkle's Graphic Design Portfolio || Logos, Gamepasses and Badges

Hello everyone! I’m OctoberSparkle. I specialize in graphic design.
I have 10+ years of graphic design experience in Photoshop, which I’ll use to make my commissions.

Here are some previews of my work. Let me know what kind of style/design you want when ordering.
I can do almost any style you request, my work isn’t limited to the style shown below.

Here’s the types of GFX I’m currently commissioning:




I am available to work for 3-6 hours everyday. You can contact me on my Discord at anytime and I’ll respond as soon as I’ll see the message. I’m active on Discord all day except for when I’m sleeping.

I accept Robux and my pricing is as follows:

  • Logos

    Basic Logo - R$ 500+
    Standard Logo - R$ 700+
    3D Logo - R$ 1000+

  • Gamepass - R$ 300+

  • Badge - R$ 300+

Contact me to discuss further on pricing.

You must pay before you receive the full, un-watermarked product.
Tax must be covered by client if paying through T-Shirt/Gamepass.

You can contact me here on the DevForum or on my Discord.

Discord: OctoberSparkle#2443


I just hired @OctoberSparkle for our new logo, and they did an amazing job!
Really, really fast but also amazing quality!
They were also so patient and put up with all the changes I wanted :joy:.
Amazing job and would highly recommend you hire them.
- Sasial

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Added a new product: Basic Logos

These are cheaper than the standard ones since they come without the vectors around them.

Samples will be uploaded tomorrow.


Samples for Basic Logos have been added.
3D Logo samples will be added soon.

Just a reminder that my comms are still open :relaxed: :grin:

Reply here or DM me on Discord for queries

it’s hard to put stuff here, because there still isn’t words that describe how good @OctoberSparkle’s jobs are!
Really fast, and as usual STILL puts up with all my changes…
An amazing job again
~ Sasial

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