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NOTE: I am not taking translation requests anymore.

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:brazil: Olá, damas e cavalheiros!

With the recent release of the localization tools and the debut of official support for the language, I am offering myself as a translator, specialized in converting games from English to Portuguese - specifically, to Brazilian Portuguese.

I am a native speaker of the language and I have always lived in Brazil. I am a member of the Steam Translation Server’s Brazilian translation group and I have contributed with captions for video creators (albeit, a looong time ago).

I have also commissioned translations to Shard Seekers, MeepCity, and Roblox Deathrun.

Why should I localize my game to Brazilian Portuguese, or even, localize it at all?

Roblox’s userbase is not restricted to only English-speaking countries, and as it expands more and more internationally, less even it will be. Translating your game brings more light to it and provides a more streamlined experience for your players. If the player understands what is being shown on his screen, his experience will be more enjoyable in general and it will open space up for you, the developer, to invest in story and lore.

If your game is being displayed in the player’s mother language, there is also a higher probability of him/her spending more money on it. Why? Most adults in Brazil don’t speak English and would rather not spend their paychecks on products they can’t read and understand. By knowing exactly what they are spending their money on, they might be more willing to go ahead!

Furthermore, Portuguese is one of the most widely spoken languages in Roblox, being ranked among the top five alongside English and Spanish. There is a huge Brazilian youtube community which brings masses of people to the games too, and Roblox is aiming for Brazil now, meaning the community can only grow and grow from now on!

Screenshot from March 31st, 2018 @ 5 PM local time:

How much would it cost?

We can discuss the pricing in details privately, as localization is not a simple job and the amount of work load required will vary a lot depending on the scope and context of the game. It’s not just as easy as swapping languages: picking the right wording is crucial for passing a message. I will be working closely with you to assure that everything feels right in the end.

In most cases however, the base price will fluctuate around 0.06 USD/20 robux per word (taxes included). As always, it is negotiable.

If it is more convenient, payment through PayPal is appreciated the most.

Interested? Let me know!

You can contact me via Discord (lucas200206#2474), through the Developer Forum’s PM system, or via Twitter (@CodingLucas). We will then discuss details, pricing and a time frame. Let’s bring your game to one of the biggest emerging markets on the world!

:brazil: Até mais, amigos! Aguardo ansiosamente as suas ofertas!


Just got some translation done by CodingLucas. Great work and done quickly. I’d definitely recommend to anyone looking for a Portuguese translator. :+1:

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While I don’t have properly a game ready, I’ll make sure to get it translated. One day.

Since :brazil: ~= :portugal:, doing the translation by myself isn’t 100% a good idea. :roll_eyes::grimacing::grimacing:

I sent you a discord friend request, could you accept it? I am looking to translate a bit of The Roblox Plague 2 into Brazilian Portuguese

Should be accepted now.

Lucas translated 100+ strings for my game, communication was great and the translation was finished within a day. Awesome work! :slight_smile:


Good job Lucas, it’s nice to see someone contributing with the brazilian comunity! Good luck in your work.

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Thanks Lucas! Lucas translated 140+ strings in MeepCity easy and fast! :+1: :portugal: Awesome job!

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Moved thread to Bulletin Board as requested.

Updated baseline price (from 29 Robux p/word to 30 Robux p/word).
Group payouts are not currently available.

Requested by author - “I am not taking commissions anymore”.