[CLOSED] Open to Designing Military/Uniforms/Etc

About me

Hi! My user is ixArcher, and I am a clothing designer. I have been on Roblox since 2017 and designing clothing since early July '20. Since then, I have created my own clothing group (which I upload only when I have time) ixAesthetics.

I took a short hiatus from January '21 to Mid-February '21. I have designed continuously other than that short break. I use paint.net to design.

About the Offer

I’m willing to do design clothing that other designers might stray away from, such as military wear, emergency wear, etc. The price for the design will range from 50-100, but still the quality that I would put in any of my designs.

The prices are much lower than my usual prices, so I would also like for you to post a review on my portfolio. You can be honest, but the review must be mostly positive. I’m looking for the vouches to overpower any negative ones that may be incorrect or not completely true.

I’m doing this for some practice, clothing to put on my portfolio, and vouches.


  • Single (shirt or pant) - 50 R$
  • Outfits (shirt+pant) - 100 R$

ღ I will send you the clothing on a character display once I am finished, and I will send you the template after you provide the payment.
ღ I do not take percentages as payment.
ღ I will not adjust my prices any lower.

ღ I can decline a request if I find I cannot do it
ღ I will send you a watermarked copy of whatever I design for you, and will give you the complete version once you post your review and pay me. I recommend you run it by me before posting.


currently closed.

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I’m interested, I sent you a friend request SammyTheBestRoblox#8803