[CLOSED] Orchard Academy is hiring a Campus Builder

This listing is now closed - found a builder.

About Orchard Academy
Hello! Orchard Academy is a new-upcoming ROBLOX Primary School based in the United Kingdom. (Year 3 → 6). We aim to give a realistic, modern and up-front approach when educating our Students.

What needs to be included in the Campus?
In our Campus, we need to be modern. Each Year Group (Y3, Y4, Y5, Y6) will have 2 classrooms each. Each Year Group will have 1 shared area and each Year Group will be separated. Besides the Year Groups we need 1 Cafeteria, 1 Main Hall, 1 Small or Medium-Sized Library with 3 Offices for The Senior Leadership Team. We also need a reception area upon entry in the Campus.

I’d prefer if the Campus was low-poly so, it can work on multiple devices but other styles can work.

You will be paid between 2K - 3K (2000 - 3000) for your work depending on the effort. I’m expecting a non-rushed campus. I would also offer a % of the games revenue however School Campuses don’t make that much.

If you’re interested in this position as Orchard Academy’s builder, please contact Lewis#9189 on Discord.

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