[CLOSED] Palm Ridge | Hiring Vehicle 3D Modelers | 30K R$

About Us

Established in January 2020, Tempest Interactive is a development group working on Palm Ridge. Our paid-access Alpha was released in July 2021. Palm Ridge is an open-world game with limitless possibilities. It combines traditional roleplay with engaging gameplay. Enjoy a massive array of vehicles, as well as house customization options*. Earn money by working at various jobs*, or by exploring and racing.


The Team
@FreezeShock - Owner, Programmer, UI, Co-Builder
@KelvinBlues1 - Lead Builder, Architectural Modelling
@SATCH3L - Management, Marketing, Branding
@phosgenes - Vehicle Modelling
@NoO3B216R5 - Vehicle Modelling
@wifqa - Vehicle Modelling
@accepted_disgrace - Vehicle Modelling

You can see our progress with the following links:

About The Job

We are looking for a few 3D Modelers who specialize in vehicles to join our team. You must be able to produce clean topology with minimal density and good reflection flow. You must also be knowledgeable with data transfer and flow checking. You should also have some experience with UV mapping for tire threads.

We require high detail/realistic exteriors with an average of 30k triangles, and simplistic interiors with an average of 1k triangles. A wheel must not exceed 1.5k triangles. Proportions and details must be as close to real life as possible. If you use blueprints for modelling, you will be required to confirm the accuracy by comparing to reference photos. Our expectations for shading are very high due to the fact that our PBR paint materials, skybox, and lighting properties tend to reveal shading flaws. We also have high expectations for headlights and brake lights. Doors must be separable to allow for car entering/exiting animations in the future.

Cosmetic kits should not exceed the stock car’s triangle count by more than 4k-8k triangles.

Examples of our game's vehicle style

We are aiming to add a few additional team members in order to reduce the load on our modelling team as we prepare for our Beta release in December 2021. As an individual you will not have a specific weekly quota, however our goal is to have a total output (combined from all of our modelers) of 1-4 vehicles per update.


We are paying 30,000 R$ per vehicle model. (Exterior + interior + wheels)

Cosmetic accessories
Bodykit: 2,500 R$ - 10,000 R$ depending on complexity
Spoiler: 500 R$ - 1,000 R$ depending on complexity
Headlights: 500 R$ - 1,500 R$ depending on complexity
Brake lights: 500 R$ - 1,500 R$ depending on complexity
Miscellaneous accessories (Roof boxes, off-road attachments, etc…): 500 R$ - 5,000 R$ depending on complexity
Rims: 1,500 R$ - 2,500 R$ depending on complexity

Contact Us

Feel free to send me your portfolio or examples of your work via:

Please state the triangle count and show topology/reflection flow for any examples you provide. Past development experience is a plus due to this being a high skill position.

You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


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