(CLOSED) Panda's Lore Writing Portfolio

Hello! I am pandap153. You can call me pandap, panda, or, less commonly, pan. I joined ROBLOX in 2016 and started to write lore starting in 2019’s December, though I have little to no experience and am looking to help all developers, big or small. I specialize in making medieval fantasy lore in general, though I enjoy making animal lore the most. I study animals in my free time, so you can expect realistic animal lore from me. My little experience in lore writing comes from making lore for characters and technology as passion projects, although often ending up unfinished due to a lack of motivation.

I made this portfolio because when I looked through the storyline writer portfolios I only saw people who did Sci-Fi and After the Flash type stuff. This really disappointed me to see that they cost so much for an overused genre. I believe that lore writing isn’t just a tool, it’s a way to relay emotions, especially in passive way. If you can make lore portrayed by the nature around you, you know you’ve made a good game. This is shown exceptionally well by Breath of the Wild. Everything has a greater meaning, every structure tells a story. That is what I really admire.

I have little experience, though I can show you what I have done.

Star Wars Robot Lore

LU1 Combat Droid

The LU1 Battle Droid is a battle droid designed by Ilumi Milai during 4 ABY. His droids were the first to construct it in order to break him out of a prison where he was held in carbonite encasing. They killed all 5 of the troopers whilst only losing 1 of these, ending up with 2 in the end. They had five layers of thick Phrik, resulting in a 1 FT Phrik layer all around with a thick Phrik chainmail for the joint-like areas. The droid was large, making it 20 LBS Phrik per droid. Each droid weighed 200 LBS and was quite tall (6’5”) and also very large in other manners (6 FT Thickness, 3 FT Width) They also had two arms, which both had a kyber crystal cannon. Two kyber crystals were placed in the torso for a mega cannon, which was what Ilumi called it. Each cannon was neon white, dimming each time it fired. Per each kyber crystal it could fire 100 times with 5 second recharges every time it fires until needing to recharge itself at a station. The specific kyber crystal used in this was a krayt dragon pearl, making it a “very powerful and destructive” (-Wookieepedia) cannon, especially with two of them in the mega cannon. The mega cannon could only not break pure beskar, but it took 4 shots to do so. It takes 8 for the 1 kyber crystal cannons.

I’ll be adding on to the list as I go!


Terms of Service

  • I may decline commissions without complaint.

  • I will not refund unless I myself agree that the work is bad, or otherwise I could redo it.

  • You pay for the lore before I give it to you. I will give a sample of it before you pay.

  • Only group funds will be taken.

  • Percentages will be taken if above 5% and given with a smaller upfront.

What I won’t write about

  • Explicit Content
  • IRL Politics
  • Heavy Sci-Fi
  • Renaissance Era
  • Religions


Payment Multiplier:
Star Wars/Medieval Fantasy Lore = x2
Anime Lore: 1.5x

Payment Chart:
1 page = 850 :robux_gold:
5 pages = 4,250 :robux_gold:
10 pages = 8,500 :robux_gold:
20 pages = 17,000 :robux_gold:
30 pages = 25,500 :robux_gold:
40 pages = 34,000 :robux_gold:
50 pages = 42,500 :robux_gold:

Rough Draft Payment Chart:
1 page = 500 :robux_gold:
5 pages = 2,500 :robux_gold:
10 pages = 5,000 :robux_gold:
20 pages = 10,000 :robux_gold:
30 pages = 15,000 :robux_gold:
40 pages = 20,000 :robux_gold:
50 pages = 25,000 :robux_gold:

I also take hourly pay.
1 hour = 900 :robux_gold:

Payment will be discussed in PMs if not satisfied.
I also will not take any USD.


I’m available usually everyday 4-6 hours except on special occasions.

Contact me here on the DevForum for commissions. Discord or other common social medias will not be available.

Thank you for reading, hope we can work together soon! :yum:


Hello, I’d like to discuss in DMs, aha!

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Hello, I’d like to discuss with you in DMs :smiley:

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Really pleasant to work with, amazing and quick service! Low prices, and a great ability to research on topics he’s unfamiliar with! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

One word: Awesome!

He gave me a huge discount because his prices changed. He Insisted on no pay due to him feeling his work wasn’t at his best. How great is that? The lore had everything I needed too, It had Drama, Action, Suspense, Hype. Everything! And it wasn’t even at his best! He’s extremely professional, And has a real passion for his work.

Highly recommend @pandap153 for all your lore needs.


PS: He’s also very fast to respond.

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