(Closed) Panther6877 | GFX Artist | Thumbnails, Icons and More! | Open

Hello There! My name is Panther6877, and I am a GFX Artist! I have 6+ Months of experience, and love to help! I will do what you ask, and love a challenge! I can work for 3 hours on week days, and 2-4 hours on weekends.

Why should I hire Panther?

I make professional GFX, and always get it done on time. I am always ready to discuss options, and love a challenge.





Icons: 300-2k Robux (Negotiable)
Thumbnail: 500-2k Robux (Negotiable)
Ads: 250-1.5k Robux (Negotiable)
Game pass: 250 Robux per Pass (Negotiable)
Dev Product: 200 Robux per Product (Negotiable)

  • When you let me do your GFX you are giving me consent to post the GFX elsewhere, there is a 50 Robux fee for private GFX, however if you are okay with it being public but don’t want it to be copied you can request a watermark on it.

  • I will except group funds, and game passes. However game passes must have the tax countered.

Thank you for reading all the way to here! You can contact me here at the forum or at discord.

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Commissions are now open! Also I am now doing game passes.

Great guy, fast and efficient. I reccomend :stuck_out_tongue: