[Closed] Parasite is hiring a 3D Modeler [Choice of Payment]

At the bottom, it states how to apply, if you have direct questions about that process feel free to dm me Brigade#1000

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Ironic how you cropped out the link so no can see how sketchy it was :slight_smile:



Having worked as the lead builder for Parasite for a few weeks now, I can safely say this is the best environment for work. The community we’ve built up supports us all the way through every sneak peek to every announcement.

This is one of the projects I’ve actually enjoyed working on and I highly recommend those that are interested to work here.

- Panzerise

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There’s nothing wrong being cautious about what links you click on

Would like to try to be a modeler, I just want to work somewhere rn that’s all. Vukangeneral2002 | 3D Modeler [OPEN]

Hello, add me back on discord SamRBX#7330, i didn’t managed to update my portfolio yet and I have a lot of more past works then shown on my portfolio. So i would send l them on discord, im really looking for a team to work with, and im really good at modeling.

Why not just copy and paste the link onto a note pad or your text bars that is a way to Check and see if someone is sending a bad link.

Feel free to add me! I’d love to talk to you some more. Brigade#1000

I think I have the right to be careful about what I click on that’s all.

Quit the toxicity it isn’t necessary. IP Grabbers and cookie loggers go around all the time on discord they had all right to be suspicious. Every link may not be an IP Grabber or a cookie logger but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be cautious.

I wasn’t insulting you though. I was simply saying that the way you spoke came off as toxic. I do agree that the way he worded it sounded a bit disrespectful but you don’t need to get that mad over it.

Funimation, I have all the right to not click on links you have sent me I’ve already flagged your posts if you keep harassing me and the other people in the comment section I will go on to contact support about this. I am only going to ask you once, stop.

Have you bothered to read the conversation lol, I’ve been constantly asking him to stop replying causing toxicity, I am hardly the problem. I did not want to click on his sketchy link so now he is harassing me. Please just read the comments instead of making an assumption.


Sorry if that came off as rude by the way just a bit stressed about this situation, I apologize.

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Yeah, I’ve been watching what’s been going on for hours now, lol. I am mainly asking Funimation to stop, not you. You have full rights to not click on links that you think are suspicious.


Glad to hear it thank you for asking him to stop, I’ve flagged all his posts and am at the point of contacting support. Thank you for your help though.

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I’ll dm you later today as we might need one.

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Alrighty, see you then.
Have a good one!

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