Vukangeneral2002 | 3D Modeler [OPEN]

Hey, thanks for visiting my portfolio ! My name is Vukan and here, I offer my services as a 3D Modeler.
I have 6 years of experience in Blender.
I can do both HIGH POLY or LOW POLY.

3D Modeling

  • Vehicles (any vehicle)
  • Interior/Exterior
  • Tools and Weapons
  • Armors
  • Basically almost anything you would wish for


High poly examples


! (upload://1Wh7G46K1FmWaYwyxTARTjMjC0M.jpeg)



Tools and Weapons

Some other stuff


I am available for 3-4 hours per day, slightly less or more.


I accept both USD and Robux
25 USD
7100 ROBUX

For more info about payment you need to contact me. I am open for any ideas as long as it’s fair payment.


You can contact me via Discord Vukan#3806 or here on forum!!!!!


Great work my guy :ok_hand:t2:

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Thank you I’m literally new on forum and i found out that it’s actually usefull thingy.


Well your work is really good you shouldn’t have a problem getting commissions

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Well we’ll see now lol i hope i’ll get some good offers

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Hey! I was wondering if you take t-shirts as a form of payment as I dont have either paypal or group funds. Along with how much does it usually cost for vehicles

Well yes i can do but you would have to pay for fees. That Doge Charger on pictures costs 65 USD so calculate in robux. If you want less detailed the price will increase and so on. for low poly car i would say 10 usd or 3k robux something like that.

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Do you also do characters modeelling without roblox rigs
I want bts members modelling

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Yeah i can do blender rigs but the price will be higher

Hey! This is perfect. Could i have your discord so we can talk about a big commission? I’m willing to pay in USD or Robux, whatever you pick!

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Hey,Here’s my discrd Vukan#3806. Alrighty let’s talk there

I’ve sent you a friend request! I’m in need of a High Poly and Low Poly commission, i think i can pay up to 700 USD for both! Hope you are able to work for that price

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Hello there! :wave:

These models look awesome! The detailing you’ve done for these model examples on you portfolio are highly detailed. Amazing work on these models! :+1:

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Thanks mate, I will post more work soon!

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The orders are open once again !

Hi Vukan! I have sent you a friend request at buubble#1873 on Discord, so we could discuss furthermore the job.

Do you make and rig characters?

Yeah i can rig and make characters, What do you need exactly?

I am looking for a 3D Character Monkey to match my games lowpoly style!

You will be asked to create a 3D Modelled Monkey Character that will fit and look smooth in our game! You must be experienced at using blender.

A reference -

We will pay in robux via shirt (fee will be paid) Anything under 4.5k will do however we are open to negotiation if there’s an issue!

Discord - BeN#8356

Are you interested? In what I sent above