[Closed] Parasite is looking Front End and Back End Developers [3.5k - 15k per task]

Parasite is looking to hire one front end scripter and one back end scripter (Or one full stack) to join our team!

Payment Options: You will be either paid by task or at the end of the week for the tasks you completed that week, that choice is yours. Depending on the task you will be paid on average between 3.5k - 15k Robux per task. If the task is larger than normal that amount will go up.

What is Parasite ? Parasite is a game created by a team of very dedicated developers looking to provide an experience reminiscent of Among us although with its own twists and ideas. Many of our upcoming updates are currently only known to the development team but Parasite will be making great strides in the direction of originality. Parasite averages 300 concurrent players and is rising fast.

  • Fast pace work environment full of supportive developers.
  • A mature workspace with a passion for development.
  • LGBTQ+ friendly environment, absolutely no discrimination is or will ever be tolerated.
  • Be apart of a fast-growing game and provide new concepts to Roblox.
  • Required to set and meet deadlines.
  • Dedicated at least a few hours of each day to get tasks done when requested with 1-2 days off each week.
  • Ensuring the upkeep of your scripts (bug fixing) at all times.
  • Being a good member of our team being accepting and open to suggestions/critique.
  • Ensuring your scripts are of quality and well organized.
    As discussed before payment will either be every week or per task and that can be chosen by you. You’ll be paid anywhere between 3.5k - 15k per task although you are free to negotiate within reason. Part of your contract will include the upkeep of your scripts including fixing and repairing them in the case of bugs. Any leaking of your scripts by yourself will be in direct violation of your contract and will result in you being removed from the team.
    To apply you must have scripted for a decent amount of time and be at least 14 years old. For applying if you have a developer forum portfolio please message me here if you are not a dev forum member or do not have a dev forum portfolio you may also message me at Brigade#1000. You can also message me with questions there or on the dev forums. We look forward to having you in our team!

Front and and back end developers are scripters…

Explain in Direct Messages please.

It’s pretty simple we are hiring scripters not gfx artists.

Please include that you are looking for scripters specifically.

That is exactly what front end and back end means, additionally in requirements and a lot of other sections it mentions scripter and scripts several times, next time please read. :slight_smile:


back end developers are focused on data, scripting, and the back end of a game(server). Front end developers help build what users interact with and see( user interfaces ).

Theres also full-stack developers which is both.

Ok, I see now. Thank you for the clarification.

I’m interested. I’ve added you on Discord as Kdude#1774. Here is my portfolio:

It is clear you know nothing about DMCA law,

please refrain from providing false information.

I’m interested in this.


Hello :wave:

I’m very interested in applying for the Back end AND Front end positions.

You may find my portfolio here

My Discord tag is: Jayy_N#0001.
I’ve sent a friend request.

Thank you to all those who applied we are now reviewing application as we have already accepted one person we’ll likely only accept one more. Make sure to check your inbox or your direct messages within the next 24 hours!

I’m down to join RickSmelly#0001

Hello, my name is Sam, im a 15 roblox develiper. Im on roblox for nearly 6 years now and i learned how to develop games. I have multiple games done. One of them has over 1,000,000 visits aswell. Im a builder, modeler and ui designer. Here is my portfolio [PORTFOLIO] UI Designer, Builder, Modeler | SamRBX im nit the best at realistic building.

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