[CLOSED] Pavilion Hotel is looking for a scripter and a builder!

  • About Us

Hello, Pavilion Hotels is a very new project and we need a scripter to help us with development. This hotel (when it’s done) will feature a 4 story hotel with rooms and a cafe, 5 unique biome areas with different things to do in each and every one!

  1. Plains Biome - Spawn and hotel,
  2. Water Biome - Waterpark,
  3. Sand Biome - Dune buggy racing,
  4. Ice Biome - All year ice skating rink,
  5. Volcanic Biome - Large volcanic mountain with hidden secrets at the top.

The Team
@BlockyToby - UI, Builder, Terrain, 3D Modeler, Main Dev and Owner.
@YourNameHere - Assistant Builder.
@YourNameHere - Scripter.

Here is our game so you can see the style of our hotel: https://www.roblox.com/games/4606295112

  • About The Job

Scripter: The scripter needs to be well skilled and capable of doing complex tasks in a variety of areas. I will expect them to present me with examples of there work and skill upon contact with me.

Builder: The builder needs to be experienced with making detailed, low poly structures to give the hotel a cartoonish and friendly feel to it. Similar to the scripter, I expect a nice portfolio shown to me of all of the previous work you’ve done.

  • Payment

The scripter will recieve 40% of all the games revenue.
The builder will also recieve 40% of all the games revenue.

  • Contact Us

  1. You can respond on the thread of this dev forum.
  2. You can add me on discord (must be 13 or older). My username is - Toby#0867. (This is my preferred method for communication and I will get back to you quicker here!)

Thank you for reading and I hope you’re interested in the job! :smiley:

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