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Hello there! I’m Phantom, I’m 16 years old and I’m a ROBLOX developer. I specialize in RBLX-LUA scripting and originally joined ROBLOX back in 2013 but only started developing on ROBLOX within the past 2 - 2.5 years! I have made a lot of cool projects so far and I hope to make even more! I usually respond quickly (If I am not sleeping). Due to the current situation in the world, I am available most (if not all) days during the week!

Scripting Style

My scripting style is a mix of OO and procedural. However, I will choose whichever style the client wants me to work with. In some situations, I might decline to work in their chosen style and in those situations, I will respond with my reasons

What I can work on

I have familiarity with the majority of the ROBLOX API and have made projects such as:

  • Callback Systems (Image in showcase section)
  • Shop Systems (example in the playlist)
  • Intros (example in the playlist)
  • Cooldowns (example in the playlist)
  • Plot Systems (example coming soon)
  • Scene Transitions (example in the playlist)
  • Region Systems (example in the playlist)
  • Keycard Door Systems (example in the playlist)
  • Jail escaping system (example in the playlist)
  • Team Clothing (example in the playlist)
Deal Process
  1. You tell me about the product that you want in full detail.
  2. We discuss payment options (refer to payment section for details)
  3. I ask for 50% at the beginning as I don’t want to be scammed. otherwise, I could get someone to bail out at the end (50% Payments are non-refundable. If you bail out or attempt to scam me, those funds will stay with me) This is in place as some people don’t pay me after I’ve wasted hours on their project
  4. If all the processes above are successful, I’ll start working on your project and give you WIP updates along the way (you can decline if you want WIP updates and I won’t give you them)
  5. After the product is finished, I will show you how it looks. If you have anything you don’t like I’ll give about 5 changes that you can make to the product (depending on what you want I may decline it).
  6. If there are no changes or I’ve changed everything then I’ll ask for the remaining 50% payment
  7. Once the payment is successful and in my account, I’ll send over the file with a .RBXM file format. Do not worry as the file is not malicious but is actually a ROBLOX file format.
  8. You will have two days to give me any change requests/fix requests, after two days the product will be yours and I will not fix/help you with anything on the same product.


  1. I have the right to deny you service under any circumstances
  2. After you have paid and received the product if you have something you don’t like, you can only message me within 2 days, after 2 days the property is now yours and I will not fix/help you more with the same product
  3. Don’t attempt to scam me, I screenshot all dm’s and will post here with proof of being scammed by the user.
  4. After you have received the product, you cannot and will not receive a refund. You will only receive fixes for 2 days (refer to TOS #3)

I have created a playlist of (current/past) projects that I have/had worked on (More will come as I finish commissions)
You can view the playlist here: LINK

I have also created a bunch of screenshots of my past projects!

  • This is an accept/cancel message system I made using Defaultio’s “Rich Text” module for colours and effects. It supports custom messages and custom accept/cancel button text. It also supports callbacks and returns a status (“green” = true, “red” = false)
  • This is a Nametag system with a group role. It updates whenever you demote or promote a member and it shows the latest group role name
  • More in the Playlist
    You can view the playlist here: LINK

Availability in (MDT) [Convert this into your current timezone]

[Monday - Friday]: 1 - 8 PM

Price is negotiable based on the asset required. I only accept payment in two ways.

  • ROBUX via Group Funds
  • Paypal (ROBUX Value = USD)
  • I do not accept game percentages (%)

If you want to get into contact with me, you can either contact me via Twitter or Discord
My Twitter: @PHaxxor
My Discord: PhantomHaxxor#9482

Status: Unavailable - Already have plenty of commissions

Thank you for checking out my Portfolio! Have a nice day!


Great scripter! I recommend him. Very cheap as well.
Keep it up dude!


I’ve added a new section called “Deal Process” which outlines how I proceed with deals

A ROBLOX User by the name of gxbr_ixlla scammed me so going forward I require 50% of payment beforehand



  1. Nametag System (In Screenshots section)
  2. Jailbreak Keycard Doors (In Playlist)

I am available for commissions!


  1. Rope System (In Playlist)

I am still available for commissions!

Bumpedy Bump Bump…

I an still available for commissions!

Do you do long Term? if so i’m interested

Do you have any experience working in an FPS Capacity?

I’m interested!
My discord : Haroon#8219

Unfortunately I don’t do long-term projects currently as I have begun only about a month ago and am just doing this as a side hobby.

Unfortunately I do not have any experience in the FPS category.

I would still be interested in hiring you if you wish to undertake this field.

You can DM me on Discord with the details, That way I could tell you if I can or cannot take it.

I have sent you a request. Ser Nerd the Third#7210

I have hired him 2 times now and both times he’s worked in a very timely manner while sending me WIP updates. His prices are also very affordable.

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