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Greetings, everyone! My name is Alexa, also known by my Roblox username alvsxa. I’ve been working on the Roblox platform for just under 8 years now. I have expertise in group management and most business-related operations, however I have chosen to ‘broaden my horizons’ by opening myself up to the developing world.

I’m mainly a builder, however I can also do some pretty basic programming tasks (no, I will not take any jobs relating to programming but I can do some alongside a build). If you’ve read all this and you’re still interested, feel free to keep reading! :grin:

Here's all my work thus far, but this will be updated as frequently as possible! A lot of this, of course, is unfinished.

I’m available for about 3-5 hours a day on the weekdays and 1-2 hours on the weekends. I am in BST, but I can easily work with most of the American timezones.

Please note that these timings are approximations and are subject to change if there are any real-life issues that arise (or alternatively, my schedule opens up).

All my prices are negotiable and I can base them around a client’s budget. I primarily work alongside my friend @onlyholyness (also known as Ron) so keep in mind that if I finish your order with his help, we will be splitting the payment.

I prefer payment per asset or build, but will be more than happy to consider other options such as hourly pay. I accept payment via Robux and/or PayPal (in USD or GBP).

My base price for any single asset is R$500/USD$2.
For a build, the base price is R$1000/USD$3.20.

These figures will fluctuate depending on the demand and workload. If you choose to pay in robux, I will accept payment via T-Shirt or group funds.

If I am working alongside Ron, the payment method will be different. Due to the payment being split, we will only accept payment by Robux via group funds.

Like many developers on this platform, I have my own set of terms as well as my own personal boundaries that I hope can be acknowledged and respected.

My Terms and Conditions.
  1. 50% of the cost must be paid prior to me starting. The rest will be paid once the order has been completed.

  2. I ask that my clients are patient and respectful, and the same energy will be returned. If I feel pressured or upset in any way, I will cancel or turn down the order.

  3. I have the right to turn down any order if I feel as though I cannot complete it. Furthermore, if something urgent in real life pops up, it must be understood that I may have to halt development until I am available.

  4. The client is entitled to cancellation at any time, however the 50% deposit will not be returned.

  5. If you scam me in any way, shape or form, I will be reporting you immediately.

  6. Communication is key! I will make sure to keep you updated, however you also need to make sure you communicate with me throughout the process about what you want done and if you want anything altered.

Info on jobs I do.

Here are the types of requests I am more than happy to do.

  • Event Centers (training, interview, or more general centers).
  • Small/Medium builds such as cafes, bakeries and restaurants.
  • Low poly scenery.
  • Minimalistic assets and builds.
  • A small volume of ready-made food items.
  • All kinds of decoration.
Info on jobs I DON’T do.

Like many people in the developing world, I have weaknesses and show less proficiency in some aspects of development. Here are the types of things I will not do.

  • Hotels.
  • Large builds.
  • Military bases, weaponry, etc.
  • Advanced programming/GUI designing.
  • Extremely detailed work.

My do’s and dont’s can be discussed and negotiated if necessary, but they will often not be subject to change.

My most preferred method of contact is via Discord, however my Roblox DMs are on. You are more than welcome to contact me here, too!

Discord: alexa.#0001
Roblox: alvsxa

Thanks for your interest in my work! I hope to speak with you soon! :smile:

Hi there. If you want to show of what you have build. You don’t have to add your name transparently on the pictures. Its kinda hard to know how did you did it.

I don’t think you should base your prices weather someone is helping you. I think it should be the quality of the work, and other factors.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll be editing it soon.

Thanks for the feedback. The prices are generally based around the demand and workload, as I mentioned briefly. But, of course, if someone is helping we are both going to have to receive some extent of the pay.

I’ll keep this in mind. Thanks. :smile:

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No problem, I hope you get a lot of commissions!

Now it looks more better to see!!

Hope you’ll get a lot of commisions!

I’m looking for developers to help with my world tour. More info in this post

You should put this as a post in Collaborations page. You don’t have to add it as a comment.