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sorry, I decided to close this portfolio because it lacks work.

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I think you should improve your portfolio with more and better work. Do not get me wrong, I am not here to judge your work but I do not think that the 3 of the works you have submitted will get anyone interested. The first work is actually OK, the second one, well doesn’t have much scripting. The 3rd one doesn’t have much scripting either. Probably submit a game you’ve made/worked on or maybe submit better works? I suggest you submit works you have put a lot of time and effort on, in that way people do not underestimate your work due to the lack of works in your portfolio. I mean you have scripted a pooping system, I mean that is cool but I do not think anyone would want to hire you to do something related to that. How about something more interesting? Maybe some UIs you have scripted which shows that you are a good UI scripter? That will definitely interest more people. (just an example, you actually did script an UI in the first work). Also probably give more information on the categories you’ve provided. It will interest people more and inform them more about you. Also the availability and payment category is not really informative.

My point is to submit works which will interest other people, also having a more detailed “About Me” category will definitely interest more people on your work and you. The availability time is not that descriptive as I said, maybe say how many hours a day you can work? The payment section is not descriptive either, show your payment methods, which method you prefer, show how you evaluate your work and so on…



Thank you for your feedback, I will improve my portfolio based on it.


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