[CLOSED] Professional Programmer and Tech Lead| Orodex

About Me

Hello, I’m Orodex, a 21 years old professional programmer with 8 years of experience. I work great in team settings, I’m self-motivated and passionate about my work, constantly expanding my knowledge and abilities.

My code is clean and stable, you will find every single line of my code inside of a function with a descriptive name.

Additionally, my skills include Game Design, Project Management & Marketing

Programming Languages

I’m experienced in many programming languages, such as:

  • Lua, mainly on Roblox
  • C#, for Unity Engine and WinForm
  • JavaScript, especially in Node.JS
  • Java, for modding
  • Python, for AI and Webapps

I also have some minor experience in web development.

Hard Skills

I’m experienced in numerous programming fields, most notably:

  • System Programming, such as Inventory Systems, Trading, Matchmaking, Anti-Cheats, Game Instancing, Frameworks, and many others.

  • VFX Programming & Production, recent examples can be found in the showcase section

  • AI Programming, both as Pathfinding Algorithms and Behavioural Programming. I’ve done some minor Neural Networks projects before too.

  • Physics Programming and Math, like Movement Controllers, Cars, Collision Detection, Signed Distance Fields, Movements for magic moves, Efficient Distance Checks, Movement Prediction. You can some examples in my open-source Vector Utils

  • Gameplay Programming, like Triggers, Cutscenes, Obstacles, Camera Controllers, and more.

  • UI/UX Programming, like UI Interaction, UI transitions, UI Visual Feedback, Radial Menus, Pages, and much more.

  • Animation Programming, such as Magic Moves, CFrame movements, Rigging, Spring motion, Quaternion SLerp, SmoothDamping, and a ton of other cool effects.

  • Cross-Platform Support, all my systems are generic and designed to support multiple platforms and input types.

  • Abstract APIs and Comments, to make it easier to work in a team, my code is always structured in distinct methods, commented and abstracted so that it can be used without having to read or understand it.

I’ve also completed a 3 years long game development scholarship at Event Horizon School in Turin, where I’ve learned how to work professionally in a team and how to lead and organize a team of programmers.

As of now, I have more than 16000 hours of programming experience, making me the perfect fit for ambitious teams who need a professional and organized programming workforce.

Soft Skills

In my years I’ve also developed some important soft skills, most notably:

  • A Great Work Ethic, if I need to get something done, it has to get done in time, with the highest possible quality for the resources given.

  • Communication, everyone in the team should be able to know at all times what is being done, what the objective is, and in what state the project is. Documentation and communication are vital, I make it my personal mission to keep my work environment organized.

  • Leadership Qualities, I work well in the lead programmer role, communicating with my team, giving tasks and deadlines, and helping them when they’re unsure of how to proceed. Deciding how to split the work is an important decision, and experience is often necessary.

  • Good at integrating into already established team, I’ve read other people’s code for many years and I’ve worked in many different teams. I adapt quickly and efficiently, making it easier for me to integrate into a new team.

Past Experience

I have worked on many group projects and completed many personal projects, a full timeline of my experience can be found in my talent hub page


Here you can find many examples of my work.

Newer Examples

See-through portals

Directional Animation Blending

Ink Splash VFX

GoW Axe Prototype

Teleport VFX

Heatseeking Projectiles (No bezier curves)

Custom Character in Generated Map (Personal Project)

CFrame network simplification (from 768 Bits, Blue, to 80 Bits, Red)

3D position to 2D indicator position (actually quite complicated math :P)

Older Examples

Chest opening animations (All done using CFrames)

Sunflower seed distribution (Even distribution of points in a circle)

Ragdoll physics (With a very happy face)

Big evil spikes (Prototype Version)

Projectile Interception (This is more complex than it looks)

Homing Gravity Curves (It never misses!!!)

2D Path generation given a specific length (Again, way more complex than it looks)

Signed Distance Fields! (With a bit of iteration, you can do cloth physics with this)

Euler Torsion Spring (Very wiggly)

Quaternion Torsion Spring (Less wiggly)

SmoothDamping (The smoothest and most satisfying way to reach a point)

Magic Lightning (This got popular on Twitter)

Spring-based car (Work in Progress)

Very simple UI transition (Veeeeeeery simple)

Level Juice (I spent too many hours on this)

Lightning Skip Rope


I am available up to 8 hours a day except for weekends. I live in Italy (UTC+1) but I can modify my sleeping schedule to meet the project’s needs. This can be discussed further in private.


The payments I currently accept are:

  • USD or EURO
  • Devexable Robux

I DO NOT ACCEPT PERCENTAGES. Please do not contact me with percentage offers.

My prices for Freelance, Occasional Work and Part-Time start from 40$/h depending on the tasks I’m given. I will provide you with a contract and an estimated deadline.

My prices for Full-Time work are to be discussed, contact me!


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or:
On Twitter: https://twitter.com/Orodex1
On Discord: Oro#8888
Or through my work E-Mail: angelo.portaluri.00@gmail.com

I strongly suggest you contact me through Discord, for that’s where I’m most active.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


You can’t ask for a better person to work with than Oro. They’re an absolute joy to work with and their dedication to their craft is unmatched on the platform. I highly recommend picking up Oro for your team!

(They make really good pizza too)


Oro’s a very dedicated scripter, Not only that but he is easy to work and conversate with. Ever since he got lead scripter for DropBlox, He’s been up for endless hours working on the game and pulling all-nighters. You won’t find another scripter like him, He’s just as serious as you are in completing projects.


I worked with Oro on the DropBlox project, and I can honestly say he is the most talented programmer I’ve ever come across. Any question I’ve ever had, he has answered with ease. I can easily say working with Oro (and Proxus) was the best team experience I’ve ever had.

I know this was listed in his Soft Skills section, but I need to re-iterate this, Oro has the best work ethic I’ve ever seen, on Roblox, or in my lifetime. We all worked crazy hours on this project, but Oro, by far, worked the most. He stayed up over 48 hours to finish a major deadline. I don’t know a single other person that would have done that.

If you’re considering Oro for your team, in my honest opinion, you won’t be able to find anyone better. I suggest doing anything you can to have him on your team.