[CLOSED] Programmar and UI designer needed

I’m Jim, owner of Midwest Bus Company, a School Bus Simulation group on the road to 10K members.

My team and I are in need of a scripter and UI designer to create / redo our current in game scripting and UI features. You are expected to make the following very modern, white transparent colors, and sleek looking, with smooth UI animations/transitions.

The following is what is needed:

  • Loading screen, with music, logo spinning, and three buttons, PLAY, ABOUT, SHOP. With also a camera part in the map that the loading screen will present.

  • Vehicle (bus) Spawning System, with 100 slots, similar to our current one. Press it, and you have a menu, three different options to press, Standard, Special needs, and Gamepass vehicles. (Needs to work with Gamepasses)

  • Small Admin system, similar to our current one, you can kick users, ban users, and announce notifications in game. You can also view a list of who has spawned what bus, you can delete the bus, or refuel the bus. (We will allow you to view our current scripts for info)

I really like Southwest Florida’s Scripting, UI, and overall layout.

Age 13+
Have Discord

7,000 Robux.

Contact: jim.#1015


I’ve added you on Discord ProvenData#3016.

Hello. I think I can help you out with all that scripting stuff. I added you on Discord, ✧𝙰✧𝙽✧𝙳✧𝚁✧𝙾✧𝙸✧𝙳✧シ#5929

I can do all the UI! I’m adding you at HendricoMaximus. Edit: It won’t work. Can you add me? HendricoMaximus#3696.

I’m interested, it won’t let me add you on discord so could you add me? Crazzy#5344


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