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About Me

Hey, I am BadlyDev formerly known as Beez_up, a 16 years old French programmer. I offer my services as a Scripter. I’ve been programming for 3 years now, I can program in five different languages as Lua, Python, C#, Ruby, and Beef. Making games is my passion, I was an old unity developer that moved to the Roblox platform 3 years ago.

You may know me because of a plugin I made. Cutscene Editor - Make easy cutscenes!


Grid Furniture Placement System
Gun System
Triangle Terrain Generation
Admin Commands

Plugins & Cutscenes

This is the plugin i made.

Discord Bot Messages
Cloth Homestore UI
Global Leaderboard

Dialog Typewriter Style
NPC Pathfinding
Script :
Burger System(Plato Franchise)
Coin System using Cosinus and Sine Waves
The Script.
local coin = script.Parent
local stop = false
	if game.Players:GetPlayerFromCharacter(hit.Parent) then
		stop = true
		spawn(function() -- Make the coin slowly transparent
			for i = 0,1,.1 do
				coin.Transparency = i
				coin.dollarSign.Transparency = i
		for i = 1,100 do -- Spin Faster + Go upper
			coin.CFrame = coin.CFrame + Vector3.new(0,math.sin(i),0)
			coin.CFrame = coin.CFrame * CFrame.Angles(math.cos(i),0,0)
		coin:Destroy() -- Destroy the coin when finished
while wait() do
	if stop then break end
	coin.CFrame = coin.CFrame + Vector3.new(0,math.sin(tick())/15,0)
	coin.CFrame = coin.CFrame * CFrame.Angles(math.cos(tick())/10,0,0)
Double Jumps (Simulator Style)

Why Hiring Me_

  • I can speak 3 different languages such as English, French, Arabic.
  • I was an old unity developer who moved to the Roblox platform 3 years ago.
  • I do not program just for money, programming is my passion since I was 10.
  • I can program in C#, Ruby, Lua, Beef, and Python.
  • I am familiar with the OOP on the following programming languages: C#, Python, Lua
  • I have a good understanding of the ROBLOX API
  • I write clean code.


Outlander Studios

Link : https://www.roblox.com/groups/5118388/Outlander-Studios#!/about
Making a new game that is currently private.
More details will be displayed when the game releases.

SCP Area 52

This game is an SCP type game, I am working long-term with them.
I am pretty much scripting every update inside of it.
Has 100 daily players that play on it.
Link : https://www.roblox.com/games/5126933438/RELEASE-Area-52

Princess Hotels

I have made a commission which is a hotel system.
Have ~10 daily players.
Group of 20k persons.

Epik Clothing Designs

Group Link: https://www.roblox.com/groups/2640333/Epik-Clothing-Designs#!/about
Group of 13k persons.
Made a commission which consist of making the shop, gamepasses and the Clothing panel:

Plato Franchise

Group of 4k persons.
Group Link : https://www.roblox.com/groups/6190652/Plato#!/about
Scripted the food system and uis :

Cutscene Editor

I like making plugins and this one is one of my best!
This plugin currently has 300 sales and 20 favorites.
Here’s a guide on how to install/use it: Cutscene Editor - Make easy cutscenes!


  • Large System such as (Placement System, inventory, Powers, Guns ) ~ 5000 R$
  • Medium Systems such as (Cafe Drinks, Order System, Main Script) ~ 1000 R$
  • Small Systems such as (Discord Messages, Game notification, Currency System) ~ 500 R$

I accept percentages only when your total number of members is higher than 1000. Otherwise, I accept any type of payment.
PS: You need to pay Roblox’s taxes when paying via T-Shirts or game passes.

When it comes to weekdays I will be able to work 4 hours a day. otherwise at weekends. I can work for 6 hours. I work fast.

You can contact me here on Dev Forum,
On Discord: BadlyDev#0001
On Roblox: BadlyDev
Or on Twitter @BadlyDevs

When contacting me, please, instead of sending me a friend request,
send me a direct message including the
work given, deadline, group/username, and payment.

Thanks for reading :smiley:


Hello! I am interested of hiring you for my upcoming simulator game. pls dm me on discord ToM_YT#1234

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I messaged you on discord. Hope to work with you!

Hello i have a question, you can make tycoons?

Yeah, of course! Message me on Discord if you want to talk further!

I am interested! Contacted you on Discord - Jax#7029
Looking forward to working with you!

Wow I really like your work and your prices. I do not need a scripter right now exactly, but can I bookmark this and get back to you in a few days?

Hey, Mind If I ask a question. Do you accept percentages as a payment? Most likely not, because you have a lot of commissions and lots of showcases. If you do accept percentages read this post below
Devforum GamePlay Programmer Post
We currently have multiple twitch streamers and a set of press list(email list) to play and test our game. We will also include a game trailer, and a few sample images of progress to show you what we have been working on.

Sent a friend request. Look out for rxse#1535

I am now opened! The best way to contact me is via Discord: BadlyDev#0001.

Im interested in hiring you, JamieGBot#8718

Hi, u never responded? Is your commissions closed?

Hi! Can I please see the work you did for Princess Hotels?

I added you on discord. RoDev#0001

Hey! I sent you a friend request!

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Hello! You seem to always ghost me on discord.