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About me

Hello Developers and employers,

As you may not know that I have about 5 years of experience with programming, which is not that much as someone compared with 10+ of experience but, I might say that I’m definitely not a beginner nor an intermediate programmer. I’m somewhere in the middle between Advanced and intermediate skill levels. But still, I will put as much time and skill as possible so I could complete whatever you ask me to. Could work at the front-end and back-end. In general, I’m a full-stack developer. So here’s what I can do.


Note: Showcases in a specific sub-category will be formatted in Alphabetical Order



I could make Action/Idle animations

Character Sizing


Gamepass shop

Gui Tweening

Loading screen

Magnitude GUI Tweening


Money counter GUI/Number abbreviations


Sell circle

Shop circle

Teleport animation

sorry for the high latency

Teleport GUI

Viewport GUI


Camera manipulation



Overhead GUI

Popup value counter



Anti-cheat/Exploit prevention



Module Scripting

OOP (object-oriented programing)

Shop buy system

Teleport service

Tool properties

UserId checking


Bug fixing

I’m pretty good with debugging plus bug fixing. I always think outside the box for a method on how to solve any bugs. For any proof, you can check out my post history (I don’t post a lot anyways)

Game balancing

as of writing, not only do I have programming experience but also competitive game experience. So I could know when an item is too underpowered or overpowered. Could know which change can affect other changes.


I try to do clean/readable/efficient code, not only that I also try to find ways to improve the game’s performance for lower-end Pc’s/Mobile.

This is from "Giant Simulator"


although I’m not really good with Graphic design, I still know what makes a player want to play also keep players playing for long periods and then coming back.

Remote Events

Remote Functions

Past projects

Giant Simulator

All of the Gui and maps are made from me. If you want more information, check out the credits inside Giant Simulator.



Note: Due to the pandemic, my schedule has changed.

also, a slight note that every two weeks, my timetable changes

First two weeks.

Monday 8.55-13.30 GMT+3 (In school)

Tuesday 8.55-14.25 GMT+3 (In school)

Wednesday 8.00-13.30 GMT+3 (In school)

Thursday 8.00-14.25 GMT+3 (In school)

Friday 8.00-14.25 GMT+3 (In school)

The seconds two weeks.

( Will be updated if any changes occur )


I can’t tell you exactly how much Robux there will be per project because every project is different. According to a game’s complexity, the payment will change. I accept both payment methods, Robux, and USD/EUR. I want to establish that the pay wouldn’t be cheap, due too how much time I’m going to spend on any project/games.



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Unable to work while he waits to see if someone else is going to have work for him… lol… toodles champ

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Can I get ur discord tag I’m interested in hiring