[CLOSED] Programmer required


Very Spicy Games is a newly founded team of developers focusing around creating games to entertain the platform.


  1. Lead Developer - @visualsLord
  2. Digital Rendering - @DejaVu_Loop
  3. Digital Illustrating - @Ep1cDrew


Here, at Very Spicy Games we have a game in-development, that is visually finished, and needs to be programmed, monetization is thought of, marketing is thought of, the game is pretty much done. All we are in need of is a skilled scripter.


The job involves general programming.
Scripting items, interactions, systems, interfaces, gameplay core, etcetera.
You’re required to have a somewhat reputation in development and a great portfolio of work.
You’ll be required to finish everything that has to be done in a fair amount of time, and continue developing the game hence you will own 50% of the shares.


As stated above in the title, and in requirements you’ll receive 50% of the game shares.


If you’re interested, DM me, @visualsLord, on the devForums. Or contact me on discord if you already have me in your contacts.

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Can you say what genre of game?

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Maybe, if you want get in touch with me. I’d like to know more about the game, such as will guns have to be scripted, etc…

If I’d say it the idea would be easily inspiring people. But I can ensure you if you have a great portfolio once you get in touch with all the details you’ll like it.

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