[CLOSED!] Programmer to code a promotion bot

Hello, I co-own a Ro-Nation and we’re looking for some sort of promotion bot to be made.
I have completed myself the stuff to trigger the bot however you will need to write the function to fire it and the external processes such as the bot, saving the cookie?

I’m not really too sure how all of this will work but I do have an example from a previous version which broke with the new verification system.

Player completes obstacle > Bot sends a request > Bot ranks player to the rank given by the request

Payment will be through group funds and from R$5,000 to R$8,000.
If this is an issue, feel free to message me and I’ll negotiate some sort of better payment. I’d advise you look at what I’ve firstly completed before offering a better price if needed.

(I apologize if any terms are incorrect, I am very unknowledgeable within this subject)

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Are you able to pay in USD? I’ve done this exact task for @ForeverHD and I’ll be able to do it here.

Unfortunately, no. I’ve spent the last amount I had on a designer.

Alright no worries. Mind adding me on discord so we can get started? LordHammy#9210 (Or if you don’t use Discord we can discuss it in DMs here)

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