[CLOSED] Programmer to make a Audit Logs > Discord Webhook

Apologies if the title is confusing. I’m going to dive straight into this hopefully clearing up what I am needing.

A bot account that has the permissions of “View Audit Log” to scan the audit log page using the Roblox API every 5 minutes (should be customisable) and then posting a Discord Webhook (remaining within rates) of those logs. We only want to check a certain log, also ignoring our other bot account that ranks users from a panel.

The hosting and server should be provided by you and maintained directly by you. We suggest using a free service such as glitch however this is entirely down to you and we would rather your expertise decide the best possible way of doing this.

If possible a simple way to edit certain variables and settings would be a plus.

As for payment we are giving R$15,000 through group funds for this small project. If this is not the industry standard then please correct me and we can adjust the price accordingly.

Thanks for reading, if you’d like to take on this task then either reply below or message me on the forum.

(Do not ask me to message you on discord unless you have been hired, thanks)

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I’d be interested. I’ve had a project hosting a bot through Discord for a few years and used to do similar group related stuff, I can show you some stuff I’ve made for any of that if you’d like. I can also do the settings stuff through Discord messages if you’d be alright with that

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I already have one for this exactly. Send me a message on discord. BillyH#8170



This task has been filled, thanks to those that reached out.

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