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Hey, Keeshee here.
I’ve been building with Roblox since 2008. In the past year I was accepted into the EBR, nominated for a Bloxy Award, and worked with a dev team to release a game: https://www.roblox.com/games/2890308618/NEW-Free-Falling-Simulator
I believe in providing players with the best experience possible in gameplay and visuals.

Currently I am putting together a dev team to get a game of mine off the ground.

The team currently consists of:

Myself: Builder and Creative Director
Revamped18: Graphic Artist
Axerious: GUI Designer

Additionally, I myself will be sourcing testers and funding advertisements for the game.

The Game

Project AM “Aesthetic Memories” is based around the Vaporwave/Aesthetic genre.
Players will be able to:

-Socialize in the hub world
-Play games to earn currency
-Upgrade their homes (rooms, furniture, etc…)
-Purchase cosmetics and items

Once you are part of the team I will communicate the game in more detail.

Job and Payment

I am looking for an advanced coder to undertake the full scripting of the game.
Your scripting tasks will include the following but not limited to:

GUI System
Music Player
Game Round System
Currency System
Shop System
Furniture Manipulation System
Data Storage
Exploit Protection

Payment is 50% of the games revenue.


Advanced Scripting Skills (can do the tasks listed)
Can provide examples of previous scripting work
Has the time for the project
Dedicated to providing the best gameplay experience possible

If you meet the requirements and are interested please contact me through Discord!



Good post there,
But I have a question:
What guarantees you that the project will succeed and will earn some profit, if it’s not guaranteed, is there some kind of a compensation for the developers who worked but got nothing?
Thank you! :slight_smile:

We can negotiate a compensation plan should the project fail. Compensation would be with real currency.

Why is the age floor 16? There are many competent scripters under that age.

Could you elaborate on this?

The age floor is simply a maturity filter.

Some examples of a Furniture Manipulation System are in Meep City and Robloxian Highschool.

If I wasn’t that busy that would’ve been a good ecperience for me, to work on revenue percentages, however, I’m extremely busy. I wish you all good luck finding a very good scripter :slight_smile:

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I am happy to announce that this position has been filled!

I personally wouldn’t want to work with someone under 16, so I can see where he’s coming from. In general I’d just say it’s a bad idea.
Edit: Didn’t notice it was already filled-my bad replying late

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