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Hiring Gameplay Programmer

About Us

Hi there! I am the Lead Developer of the Canada 1940’s development team, we are looking for someone with prior experience to work as a Gameplay Programmer for our development team. This is a one time job which will consist of you helping us to release our upcoming game to our Community.

The Team
@SovereignFrost - Lead Developer (Head Gameplay Programmer)
@KrasarkFrost - Map Design
VACANT - Gameplay Programmer

About The Job

We have been working on this game for over a year now and are excited to release it to our community hopefully no later than late January. We are very flexible with how you will contribute your hours to working but we do require progress and commitment to this project. You will have a few days to get to know our framework and understand how we like to organize our scripts/modules.

You will be doing mostly modular coding, working on various systems. These include weaponry such as tanks and artillery guns (handheld weapons are already completed), finalization of our progression system, in-game jobs (hitman, gun dealers, smuggling goods etc). Knowledge of BodyMovers and how to use them to manipulate physics on parts and vehicles is a huge must and is required for us to move forward into completion. As most games will require, you will need to code with compatibility for all devices. Our vehicles use a custom A6 Chassis system. To avoid confusion, you are not scripting a brand new vehicle system, you will be editing the current one to allow for our explosives while creating their systems separate.

Your primary job will be to create a market system that will allow the player to purchase vehicles, weapons, pets etc. Other jobs such as tank mechanics and vehicle finalisation are almost complete and just need the right mind to put the pieces together.

The game is based on city and military life on Operation Market Garden, knowledge of this battle will help you but is not required and can be learned as we go.

Any potential candidates we decide on will have the opportunity to view the game before moving forward. The game is not public and is strictly in closed beta.

Tasks can vary and may change throughout development but most are set in stone.

Images of the game so far


We are paying R$175,000 to assist complete this project. Most of the systems are already done and some just need polishing.

You can be paid per system you work on, we will assess the work and deem a suitable amount.

Contact Us

Please direct message me on the DevForum if you are interested in this job with a portfolio of previous work. You are required to be over the age of 13.

We are not hiring anyone off-site and candidates must be at least a New Member to be considered.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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So you’re expecting the scripter to make all vehicles work while doing all the other tasks, altogether for 100k? I feel like that is low specially since you want scripted vehicles using BodyMovers. Those themselves are already very expensive.

No? All vehicles are completed, if you read my post I mentioned tanks and artillery guns. The tanks use the AC6 Chassis module to move and just need the turrets welded and properly moving. They will then need firing mechanics.

When I mentioned BodyMovers I was implying added features such as our “push car”

If the post was not clear then I apologise.

Ah, you should edit your post to mention that then.

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