[CLOSED] R$ 300K+ Soundtrack/Music designer for new American football game

Hey there! My name is Jason. I am one of the scripters of Football Universe, an American football style game that is inspired by EA"s Madden series.

The first game has been a major success and has given us the resources to be able to fund newer games and grab experienced developers like you guys from the forum to help make it! However, it’s been 2 years and we want to make the sequel to the first game and make it even better for players.

A Quick Rundown Of Football Universe 2

Football Universe 2 will be an American football Roblox game where football enthusiasts can enjoy their favorite sport in a range of different modes and mini-games. Football Universe 2 has its own trading system, item packs that players can open, celebrations, thousands of collectible items to customize their experience with. Modes like Career let players build up experience and their attributes, while Classic lets players play in even 6v6 ranked and 8v8 unranked matches. Players can view live server lists to view server stats, scores, team information or create their own private servers in Party Mode. The game includes 32 custom teams from all around the country with unique themes and colors. We also plan on expanding to international teams as well to encourage new players from all over the world to play American football.

Our Hangout Hub will let players customize their own apartments, play mini-games, play in 4v4 matches, customize their character and much more!

About Us

We have a lot of experience when it comes to taking a game from start to finish. We’ve released Roblox NFL and Football Universe as well as cool side projects like Blox: Building Adventures.

The Team
@clxr - Scripter
@PlayerHasJoined - Scripter
@valphex - Builder
@AntonioPrestiX - Item Making
@laurengif - Meshes/3D modeling.
@Shotonne - Animations

About The Job

We’re looking for 5-6 tracks that we could play in the background of our main menu as ambience as players look at servers, talk to friends, or are filling in card trade-ins. These tracks should be gritty and give the players a sense of competitiveness as well as immersion. I’m not looking for a dubstep remix, or a heavy metal solo. We’d like the tracks to follow this general orchestral, gritty cinematic vibe. (If it helps it’s almost like a shooter game without the sneaky undercover energy in each track.)

Some screenshots of the game's menu at the moment.


If you’re somebody who just slaps 3 instruments playing the same sample at different pitches or notes then this job is not for you. We’re really serious about the quality and development of this game and we hope you are too. We expect you to be active and communicate with us on a daily basis so that we can all stay on the same page so that both parties are satisfied at the end of the day.


We are paying roughly 5K-50K R$ per track. This rate can be increased depending on personal rate, portfolio, and experience. I’m not going to low-ball you but I’m not going to overpay.

Contact Me

You can contact me through Discord, just shoot me a friend request and we can start chatting @jason.exe#4484! Please please please please have a portfolio like a Soundcloud, Google Drive or anything else ready when you start DMing me.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Hey, I might be able to help. Depends what music you are looking for, what exactly do you need? If you could send me some soundtracks you like, I could help. Galaxy#4039

Hi, I’m interested in the job, I have many ideas for the game and I can do the group of animations for the soundtrack by playing the introments. I am an animator. I am very good. I have many ideas for that game. more information about my ideas contact me at discord: ronald_YT # 4379

Hello! I’m Em, a ROBLOX graphics designer, I know you didn’t ask for one but I would still like to offer just incase. I am 15 years old, turning 16 in January, and have over 4 years of experience. Here are some big achievements I have done:

-Obby King Remastered
-Little Dreamies Daycare
-Rainbow Reef Ice Cream
-and a few more!

I hope you are interested, and if you are, here is my portfolio.

Discord: emm#1546

Username: QueenOfStyIe

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Hey! My buddy sent you a friend request on Discord. His Discord is Tristan Willcox#3841.

Hey there! Sent ya a friend request. I am norman#5956. Cya there!

I sent you a friend request, my username is Ahagaa187#8351

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