(CLOSED) [R$] Looking for a 2D artist to make 2 universal profile icons for me!


Commission has been taken. :slight_smile:

Small Intro

Hi there!

So after using my own Roblox character as profile picture for a while, I’d like to get a more professional one.
I know this can’t be done for free, so I’m hoping for someone to be interested in making drawings for me for Robux! :smile:

My request in details

I’d like a personal profile picture and work logo.
The personal profile picture, in this case, is a drawing of my Roblox character’s head but more realistic.
(This will be used for e.g Discord)

The work logo will be used for my Roblox related accounts. It’s supposed to summarize what my skills are in one fancy logo.
(e.g my work-account on Twitter, my Twitch account I’ll be setting up in a moment, etc.)

Things to take into account with the work logo:

  • Try to include my Roblox username (ShapeDemBricks or SDB as initials) somewhere or somehow;
    (You could use the literal username or something that visualizes it)
  • Make sure to integrate my skills in the icon;
    (If you don’t know what they are: Mostly 3D modelling, building, somewhat 2D art and some bits of basic Lua)
  • Make sure the image is ‘universal’, which means I can use it anywhere as profile picture;
    (Even when the border is circle, like on Twitter now)
  • It doesn’t matter how big the logo is, as long as it’s square;
  • The style should be somewhat realistic, but can be mixed with a more ‘cartoony’ style;

When you finish the work logo, I’d like to have the username part as separate image (preferably .psd otherwise .png) in case I’d change my username someday.

My starting offer is 10k R$ each (20k R$ total), which is negotiable.
Before we get started, please show me your portfolio! :slight_smile:

I’d like to see the progress every now and then as well, so I can give direct feedback! I don’t want you to waste your time on something I didn’t explain properly.

You can DM me here, add me on Discord (Peter C (ShapeDemBricks)#8029) or tag me on Twitter (@ShapeDemBricks) if you’re interested!
Looking forward to work with you. :smiley:

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