(CLOSED) [R$150(x2)] Looking for a Cartoony/Anime-Style PFP artist!


I am looking for someone to draw me a profile picture (digital art only please). I have a twitter account here, where I post my UGC Concepts (while praying to be let into the UGC Program, hehe): https://twitter.com/Jxllyous

NOTE: If you are interested but don’t fit the art style I’m looking for, contact me anyway! I might like your artstyle better :smiley:

About The Job

I would like a cartoony style drawing for my Twitter profile, with a certain art style which I really like.

(Basically a mix of these.)

I’ll also need another profile picture but in a more anime style, this is for personal use:

(I know these are quite detailed, if you have an artstyle that fits the anime-esque type look please let me know.)


I will be paying R$150 per profile picture, so if you want to do only one of them that is completely fine. I will be paying via tshirt, priced at R$215 robux so that tax is covered.

Contact Me

Woo! You made it this far? Awesome!
You can contact me via my twitter: https://twitter.com/Jxllyous
Or, my discord: potatoesque#5880


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