[CLOSED] R$1M+ | Looking for Builder/3D Modeler!

Who We Are

Hello! I’m one of the owners of Cloudburst Interactive, a development group. We’ve released two games so far: Roblox NFL and Football Universe. We are now working on the sequel to the latter and plan to release more games such as Blocks City!

The Team

The Game You’ll Be Working On

Football Universe 2 will be an American football Roblox game where football enthusiasts can enjoy their favorite sport in a range of different modes and mini-games. Football Universe 2 has its own trading system, item packs that players can open, celebrations, thousands of collectable items to customize their experience with. Modes like Career let players build up experience and their attributes, while Classic lets players play in even 6v6 ranked and 8v8 unranked matches. Players can view live server lists to view server stats, scores, team information or create their own private servers in Party Mode. The game includes 32 custom teams from all around the country with unique themes and colors. We also plan on expanding to international teams as well to encourage new players from all over the world to play American football.

Progress of the game

Menu Screenshots:

Stadium Screenshots:

About The Job

The job is separated into two main categories. The first being lobby centric and a hangout area, and the second comprising the stadium’s players will play in.

Our first priority right now is getting a gameplay lobby where players will wait in and be able to vote for the settings of the upcoming games. The vision is that this lobby has a central area in the middle with giant pads, each labelled with a particular option for a given setting (i.e. Weather has a pad for Snow, Rain, Fog etc). If players choose not to vote then they can go to a reception front desk to either buy items, customize their character or play a short mini-game. Football Universe 2 will also have a general Hangout Hub that players can go to which will have a range of stores, 4v4 mini-matches as well as teleports and server lists.

The second category is the stadiums and the bigger of the two. We have 32 custom teams with their own unique theme, color palette and design. Each team is going to need their own stadium that’s themed after that. For example, the Colorado Blizzards’ stadium would have snowy mountains in the background with some ski lifts.

We expect you to be active and communicate with us on a daily basis so that we can all stay on the same page. Each task has negotiable deadlines and pay. Like mentioned before, the first priority is the gameplay lobby, and if possible It is preferred that you are able to mesh each building. (However, if you build by parts we’d like it to stay low for players on lower-end devices).


We are willing to pay between 30K - 50K Robux per stadium, this can vary and is negotiable. If buildings are made but it does not meet expectations, we will still pay for the work but at a lower rate. We do not offer payment in USD, only Robux.

Contact Info

If you’re interested in this position please contact me via Discord (rblx#0001). Send me a friend request and we can start discussing. Please have a portfolio of your work ready before contacting me! Thanks!


Says you are not accepting requests? Add me, UNITED_Lacker#4037

Sorry about this, I am now! I’ve sent a friend request.

This is such an interesting building job! I’ve send a request even though it’s pretty late. Hope to talk with you soon!


Awesome game and furthermore very happy for your success! But, as most posts go I have to leave some feedback that I think is vital to applicants and to potential employers.

As I understand the building of the stadium is quite simple. You provide the baseplate (basically the field) and the builders design their own stuff on top of that. Whatsoever, looking at the quality that you currently have in your game (which is superb) and the appropriate range of pay for that, there’s a large disparity. You mention that you are paying 10k on average for stadiums which is accrued to 35$. Builders are looking to spend a lot more than a few hours making these stadiums and I can only assume you wish to stick with the same quality you have. Considering these factors, is it appropriate to only offer 35$?

I naturally wouldn’t really bring this up if it was a newcomer or person who hasn’t achieved success, but the game has brought in a considerable profit with a steady rate of 1k players actively. And not saying the obvious, either the builder who made those stadiums (in the reference photos) quit or was paid a lot more than 10k robux. I urge you as leading professional to raise the standards of pay for jobs that are beyond time consuming and not squander paying cut-rate.


Thank you for the feedback! I probably should’ve been a bit more specific on the payment section but let me expand on what I said

I caused a little confusion on the 10K average per stadium part and that’s totally on me. The guy we have now (currently inactive because of school) takes in 10K per stadium and we also give him in-game items that he sells and trades as part of his choice. I’m more than willing to go above and beyond the current min/maxs. I really appreciate your feedback and I’ve made changes to the post accordingly to be more specific and fair.

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Hey, I’m interested i sent friend request

I dont think Im good enough, but this game is 100% going to the front page. Looks amazing, cant wait to play!

This game has a whole lot of potential and I’m interested in working with you. I’ve added you via Discord (KEDO#2667), hope to hear from you.

hey, ive sent a friend request to you, my discord is BJJUmer#0946

I friend request you, DoryShelby0 #3174

Sent friend request. Add me - shertown#8169

I’ve sent, Discord is Kenny#0002.

Added you on discord, I am Paulino.
Here is my portfolio as well: ChronicBuilder - Builder /// Environmental and Map Builder

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I’m an experienced builder if needed. Add me n01ton#0463.

I’m pretty interested in this commission. My Discord tag is Squidzyee#8896.

I’m interested my discord is Fire#2484

I am new to 3d modeling. i really love to work with you guys. If i were experienced.:blush:

Hey I’m a really good builder although I’m not that good at making football fields. it would take me a little to learn

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