[CLOSED] [R$40k+] Last Night: Hiring Map Builder

Last Night: Builder Position


I’m Mirtiny. I’ve been scripting for a few years now. I’ve released over half a dozen projects in my whole dev career. Last Night is my new project, hopefully it can be our new project.

About The Job

We are looking for a builder to both create and design the game’s entire map. What we’re specifically looking for is a medieval-themed city map which is fairly large.


  • 13 years old or older
  • Proficiency in creating optimized buildings
  • Proficiency in smooth terrain
  • Low/Mid poly
  • Creative
  • Strong work ethic

Nice to have (optional)

  • Proficiency in using Blender or any other similar 3D modeling software
  • Proficiency in creating weaponry

We’re expecting this city to be completed within two weeks.


We are paying robux per commission. For this specific commission, you can expect a R$40k+ pay (negotiable of course).

Contact Us

You can just post a comment down below. Please include your portfolio. I’ll message you within a week if you get the position.

If you believe you aren’t good enough for this job, I recommend you apply anyways. People have improved working under me.


Could you elaborate on the terrain bit, will I (or others) be using ROBLOX’s built in terrain or hand crafted using parts? Other than that i am interested in applying and i have sent you a friend request on discord.

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Billy makes a good point. I like the role you are looking for as I have experience in that arena. I just hope through discord a few more details can be cleared out. Added!


I’m interested. My discord is:

I’ll show my work there.
Side note: I am not an advanced or beginner builder, I’m in the middle of those two.

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It’s smooth terrain so Roblox built-in terrain.

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Okay, thanks for elaborating on that point. I was a little confused there, thanks

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I’m interested in the job, contact me for examples of past work. Romulus#3329

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Hey, I am interested. You can contact me through discord RTXon#3101

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Hello! I’d love to apply for builder here. If interested, feel free to add me!

My Discord: imava#3686

My Portfolio: My Portfolio Link

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Hey, I’m interested. Mvi_o - portfolio [open] heres my portfolio. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on my discord: pengu#2374

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Hello I am intrested! please contact me via: J.#8287

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