[CLOSED, READ NOTES] Scripter and Bot Developer

Who am I?

Hi there! I go with the name shabman since it is my ROBLOX username. I am an ambitious programmer who loves making random things and professional games. I started ROBLOX back in 2016 as a noob and knew nothing about studio or programming. As the years went on, I picked up interest and decided to make games. It was early 2019 when I started scripting and building. Sadly, lost interest in building and now I am a scripter. I’ve had one year experience with Lua coming up to two years soon and three years with studio. I currently am a student and will be finishing school soon. As lockdown is enforced, I’ve too much time on my hands and decided to create a portfolio. I am a Discord Bot Developer and I use the Discord.py and Discord Java API library to develop my bots. So far, I work at a 55,000+ Discord server called “Advertise Your Server” as a bot developer.

Most successful games/projects

Sadly, most teams I’ve worked with gave up and this is the only team who strived ahead.
Most successful games I’ve worked on:


Available Times

Available for most of the day on weekends and soon weekdays (since I am starting college, I will have less time for some days of the week). I can’t really do deadlines until December 2021 since I have exams but I will try my best to complete it quickly.

Payment Plans

I do not accept any type of payment that isn’t Robux. I do not prefer per asset but I may accept it in some cases. I do accept hourly pay and monthly pay. We will make an agreement that you have to pay me even if the project is cancelled/delayed/stopped/not started.

Contact Info

I do not check Twitter or my emails often so adding me on Discord is the fastest way to contact me.


This portfolio is to show to possible employers. I am currently not looking for commission work. I do work short term however, I’d prefer long term offers.

Thank you for your time.