CLOSED! Realistic Mining Simulator!

Mining Empire: The Game

About Us

Hello, This is a group dedicated to realistic simulators or fun in general. As a part of the group you will be expected to report in on progress bi-daily (Once every two days).

About The Game

The game is a cross between Gold Rush: The Game and Mining Empire: Earth’s Resources. The cross is being able to mine different types of minerals and ores with appropriate equipment and processes.

The Team
@VlachSlv - Environment Design
@username - Scripter
@StodiusDev - UI
@username - GFX
@MissingFeature - Builder
@Badle_Yt - Vehicle Designer

You can join the community here;


Being the scripter you will need to have a vast knowledge of your field. Scripting for this game can include but isn’t limited to;
Terrain Deformation
Heavy Complex Machinery Movement
Land Plot Data Stores
In game purchases both Robux purchases and actual transactions


The game has an alpha launch planned for 31st August 2020
Along with a Beta launch targeted for 31st October 2020
While planning for a full release on 1st March 2021

The full release deadline is when all assets are expected to be completed however some bugs are expected with complex aspects of the game that have not been very well previously completed on roblox.

The Game’s Income

As I previously mentioned the investor will be inputting a substantially large amount into this game and once the game has released its alpha stage we will put out for 50 Robux paid access then a reduced 25 for Beta access and then free on full release but a 250 Robux VIP server will be enabled to the audience


There will be contracts drafted up with the chosen applicants, the payments will be as follows however this can be negotiated. Scripters recieve ~40,000 Robux
These payments will come out once the group has investment but will be done over the course of time until alpha release then wages will thrive off of the games income.
Lead developers will get a 5% income from the released versions of the game.
A Lead Developer counts as the head of a Department sector.
A 20% Downpayment of the final agreed robux count can be arranged so long as The investment is found.

Please Note I do not currently have the funds to hand as I am looking for an Investor that can supply 250,000 Robux to the team for payments and advertising.
This will leave 50,000 Robux left over from the investment this will be put forward to advertisements once the game is completed.
More details on the investment side of things can be given while discussing being hired.

Contact Us

You can apply by joining the discord and filling out the appropriate google forms in the #application-links channel
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading this is my first post and i hope you enjoyed reading it I hope to see you soon on the Discord! :slight_smile:


Tell me if you ever need a low poly modeler.
portfolio : [OPEN COMMISSIONS] Low Poly 3D modeler | Red1Monster

Also, it’s against the rules to ask for investors here now, it’s in the global rules section


Ill let you know and thanks for letting me know on the rules, i saw someone do it before but being an idiot i didnt think anything of it or read the rules before posting, do you know where i could get funding?

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You could do work for other people, that’s a good way of getting income, plus, you can always get more, it’s not a fixed budget

I have attempted work for others, one while i had no idea what i was doing and didnt make work worth paying for, the other i completed work that was worth its money but they scammed me and then another studio left me, the others im a part of havent yet assigned me any work and i cant get through to them. I fully agree with and see what you are saying however I cant get anywhere through that method, one way someone else has pointed out to me is going on RoTank so ima give that a shot if not ill have to call my bluff and reduce it to a % of the total income without a backup payment. I do fully understand what you are saying though and would support people going through that way of development

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Wondering if would like to hire a spanish translator to bring audience for that future game, Could be a low rate, I just don’t really need a good payment.

I could be the car modeler and a fantastic Spanish translator since it is my native language

saying “lead developers” get 5%…
what do you mean by that? you mean the people are commissioned for a big project, get paid under 100k each, and then no percent at all.
and who is the lead developer? you? looks to me like you don’t even have a developing role in this.

Hi, I have a few game davelopment teams that I have managed before and i do not have a development role in this at all which is why i do not get paid. a lead developer would be the first person i hire for each section e.g one lead developer for the environment design one for scripting etc etc

We may need a translator further down the line but at the moment we dont have a game to translate thank you for the offer and ill be sure to follow up when I have something!

Hey, could i see some past work on your car modelling and we may be able to utlise your spanish skills later on so ill be sure to let you know where i stand on that when we actually have a game

I see you have a GFX artist, is this confirmed? Are you looking for any more?

Our previous GFX Artist has dropped out but i would love to see your work, sorry I didn’t update that

If you click my name or profile icon, it will bring up a mini bio. Then click where it says featured topic and press my topic to see my work.

Do you still need an environment designer? VlachSlv- Terrain dev and environment artist

Okie, No problem hope to can help you, if need one.

Hey, im literally in love with some of the stuff you have made and it would suit the game’s style and level of realism PERFECTLY. I am waiting to hear back from some investors but if they dont get back to me then I don’t know where to go. There are some people on my team ready to work without downpayment but as much as i hate to admit it you are way out of my budget of 0 at this moment. If you would be willing to sign an informal contract to binds me and you to the deal then we might have something but if I cannot get the investment I can’t pay you :frowning:

Don’t forget you need audio! 30CHAR

I’m interested in the UI designer part, I’ve never made something like that but I know I can do it.
Portfolio: Thunder's UI Portfolio
Contact: Portfolio