[CLOSED] Retro'd | Hiring a 3D Modeler

[CLOSED] Retro’d | Hiring a 3D Modeler

Retro’d Group

Retro’d | What does the job consist of?
Welcome to Retro’d! Our group is a retro 50s - 60s diner establishment. We offer the traditional things such as Milkshakes, Burgers, Fries, etc. We value and treasures our community and our Management Team. We additionally strive for a team work atmosphere and to maintain commitment amongst our team. Moreover, it is fundamental to us that our community is accepting!

Retro’d | Requirements and Expectations

  • You must be 13+ years or older to apply for this position.
  • You must be experienced with modeling and texturing on Blender, or any similar programming software with low poly and semi-realistic styles.
  • You must have a Discord account and be willing to join our communications server.
  • You must have a portfolio/past work willing to be presented upon request.
  • You must have good communication skills, meaning updates must be shown.

Retro’d | Job Perks

  • A Contributor rank inside our game.
  • You’ll receive credits for the work that you’ve completed in our game.
  • A safe and BAME/LGBTQ+ friendly atmosphere.

Retro’d | Tasks and Contract

  • Kitchen appliances.
  • Props.
  • Food.

Retro’d | Payment

  • The payment will be given per asset pack, meaning I have sections of things that need to be done. Costing per asset pack can range from 3 USD - 10 USD, depending on details needed/quality.

Retro’d | Contact Information

If you’re interested in the job, please contact myself on Discord. My discord username is rioo!#0004. If not, you may message me at @MrsSeberaa.


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