[CLOSED] Ro-KNOCKOUT is hiring a full Developer Team!

Recruiting Developers

Hi there! We’re recruiting a full Developer Team who are willing to join our team and work with us on our new game, Ro-KNOCKOUT!

@SirDerpyHerp - Scripter
@BinaliTheYildirim - Animator
@Wiggle_RB - Modeler
@FrostedMattRBX - Builder
@Matchuchuchu - UI Designer (will hire one if I can’t do it well)
@Anemmoia- Clothing Designer

The game is inspired from the anime Hajime no Ippo (Knockout). More details after accepting for the job.

  • Scripting the characters that players will fight.
  • 20% of the game revenue (might add more because you’re making an A.I. and some NPCs)
  • Animates punches, blocks, moves, combos, etc…
  • 15% of the game revenue
  • Models gloves, water bottles, trophies, belts, the ring, and other things. Assisting the builder to build will also be helpful.
  • 15% of the game revenue
  • Builds the map (A city-like reference), venue, shops, etc…
  • 15% of the game revenue
Clothing Designer
  • Designing clothes for the boxers, NPCs, and Miscellaneous characters. (Can be 3d clothes or normal (2d) clothes)
  • 10% of the game revenue

We don’t require work hours a day or a week so you’ll not be stressed, but inactivity (no works, not even one) for a week can be kicked from team.

We are paying a percentage of the game’s revenue. Refer to the Job Description to see the percentage (the remaining 10% will go to investors and the funds for ads). Higher performances will give you additional payment from the funds.

Discord: iamsoarte#2312
ROBLOX: Matchuchuchu

After completing the Team, brainstorming is requested to find out if the game will turn out good or bad. Also include a portfolio of your works.

I accidentally posted this on portfolios category, so I reposted on the correct category

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