[Closed] - Roblox Captcha did not works at all

Hello Robloxians, :wave:
Did you experienced this issue?
By talking in group walls and more, Roblox has added a new captcha to prevent bots and scammers, that’s awesome but, it doesn’t work properly.
It was fine before, but now it asks me to do 20 times the captcha and it always says that everything is wrong… So I can’t talk in any group wall in Roblox.
There is a screenshot of what happens after the 20 times trials. (In French because Im French :sweat_smile:) captcha

(Also saw in the Google Play’s last reviews that a lot of peoples in mobile can’t create a new account or log in because of the same problem but I’m on PC… :thinking:)

Anyway if someone can help me it would be awesome or if it’s a major bug I hope Roblox can fix it as soon as possible :upside_down_face:

Thank you for reading. :relieved:

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