[CLOSED] Roblox Developer For Hire!

Who Am I?

Salutations! I am offering my services as a builder/developer on the Roblox platform. I’ve been building for a while now, but just recently have I picked up and began building frequently. I have built for my own restaurant group, Astakó, as well as commissioned small builds for Mix It Up Cafe, Divine Brew Cafe, and MX Homestore. I have yet to take on any large commissions, but I’m very excited to.

When Am I Available?

I am usually online and available for work for 3-5 hours each day during the week (Currently Summer).
On weekends, I am usually able to work for about 3-6 hours. You can contact me any time, and I will respond as quick as possible.

What Are My Previous Works?

Below I will provide dropdowns to some of my previous developments and commissions. There currently are not that many works, but I do have some examples of previous builds/developments. All new models are mine and mine only. I have yet to collaborate with any other builders.

Astako [New]


Uploading: Screen Shot 2021-06-05 at 11.38.16 PM.png…

Mix It Up Cafe [Old]


Divine Brew Cafe [Old]


What Are My Payment Requirements?

Most of my prices are negotiable, I can accept pay per asset, but usually you will be charged for your builds as a whole. Most of my builds and your most common estimated commission will cost between 4k-8k. My preferred payment method is with Robux. Currently, I do not accept Paypal, CAD, Euro, etc.

How Do I Contact You?

There are multiple platforms that you can reach out to me on. My preferred is Discord: cartyinarari#7227. You can also reach me on Roblox: auvires. Thank you for reading and I hope to be hired in coming time! Thank you for viewing my portfolio. Please send questions if you have them.


These showcase look really good, and I hope you get hired in the future!

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