[Closed] Roblox Scripter, Graphical Effects And Game Developer!

Please refer to this post: [Closed] Roblox Scripter, Graphical Effects And Game Developer!


Im back open for hire now!!!


Enjoyed working with you, thanks again for your help.

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Hey! Am interested hit me on discord and we can talk – Cursed#0971 Thank you.

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A bit busy right now, will contact you as soon as possible! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Nice scripting! But, your GUI needs work.


How do you think that they can be improved?

Just the basic thing. It looks like all you did was just use the default UI roblox provides when you first add it into the place. You didn’t even change or scale the text.

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Are you talking about the place?

Yeah. Thats the only UI work you showed.

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Whoops, added a bit more just now.

Have sent the request! Please accept soon! :slight_smile:

Works fast and is very easy going, totally recommend Outlook for any your projects. :slightly_smiling_face:

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What do you use for UI and how long to learn it?

I used paint dot net for UI really. Everything is in roblox.

Took me maybe a year, half a year to learn?