[CLOSED] #Roblox Simulator Builder / 3D Modeller

Sent a friend request :slight_smile:

Great! All accepted! Hope we can make this work!

Hello everyone!

Just letting you know there is still a vacant spot. Because of different time zones. I will be the one handling the queries for the next few hours while @OceanGFX is asleep!


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hey i messaged you on twitter for the builder role

I am also interested, please message me at NB#1313. thanks!

message me on discord mads718m#2429

I am interested if you can message me on discord Squad_Dev#8331

Hey, ok I’ll drop a message now.

Interested! I am very experienced with these types of builds, add me on disc: 6dark#4343

I am interested i’ll drop my portfolio here,i worked on some simulators before(Minion Sim was the most successful 10k-15k player concurrent),also i have 7 moth of experience in blender.

Portfolio: DEV_Sam Portofolio

Discord: DEV_Sam#7438

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Im interested! The builder role!

I sent a Discord message. Please reply ASAP.

Hey! send me a request on discord – ElPanlo#4057 – I’d like to see what do you want me to model and build and then negociate the payment

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I’m interested for the Builder role!

I recommend bossman76879#3514 for this job!

Correct me if I’m wrong, the payment is GAME % ?
If so, have you guys had any previous successful projects which can guarantee us we will receive pay for our work, do you have a back-up plan so that if the game doesn’t do as well as you think it would you are still able to pay your builder/modeller for their work?

Interested! My discord is gogeta better fusion#4180

I have messaged you on Discord, thank you!

It’s worth a try!


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