[CLOSED] Rocket Ride Games ~ Composer

About Us

Hi there! We are Rocket Ride Games, a new upcoming game development team currently developing an amazing up and coming project called Marble Madness

The Team
@Da1ex - Programmer/Builder/UI/Animator
@jmahnh2o - Builder
@markis27 - Builder/Animator
@TonedOut - Marketing Manager
@KineKreature - Main Composer
@Brendo749 - 3D Modeler
@ThePinkLion - Art Director

About The Job

You must be 13 years or older to apply.

We are looking to commission composers who are experienced. We want the songs to fit the style and little theme we have going for the current game, tracks will be about a minute and should be easily looped. We also will need to commission someone to make a main theme for the game, that is an offer to only one commission though.

Some examples of Marble Madness



Our game needs a track for every map within the game, which is still TBD. We also need someone to compose a main theme for the game as well.


We will be paying for every track you’re commissioned/make for the game! We will be paying solely in USD, the pricing per track will be negotiable.

Contact Us

Discord ~ Dalex#0001
Twitter ~ https://twitter.com/RocketRideGames OR https://twitter.com/DeveloperDalex
Roblox ~ Da1ex
or on the DevForums

I personally suggest that you contact me via Discord, as I am more active there.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Hello, I would like to apply for this spot.

I do not have a palpay can I be payed in roblox Gift cards?

Discord: DevNetCheese#2725

I would also love to work for this group, you can find some of my work on my soundcloud
I can accept paypal

Yeah, you’d need PayPal for the payments

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