[CLOSED] RoStatistics - your one stop for stats and SDK!

UPDATE 2022: This website is not being developed anymore and is no longer up.

Hi, RoStatistics has been developed by RBXCityGames. RoStatistics is a website and SDK server that gives you a lot of information about any game you can think of, including yours! Feel free to check it out: https://rostatistics.com/

Here are some public stats that can be found about any game: number of visits/concurrent players, total gamepass revenue, sales and revenue from each individual gamepass, and more! You can simply add your game and it will start tracking all of this. We also have an SDK server which means you will be able to track custom events (e.g. user retention).

If you are interested in this or want to suggest ideas, feel free to join our Discord server: Rostatistics.com


I’ve visited the site and I’m really wondering what this is for:
It’s zero for every game

And, to be honest, it’s really good in terms of aesthetics and loading speed.


Could you add some way to be directly taken to the game we added to the database?

I added mine but when I search for it I can’t find it at all. Tried refreshing multiple times.

That is likely because the data for searching gets updated every 10 minutes. If you try searching now, it should work.

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Something very useful! I like how organized is this website! 10/10

Now i can see how much Adopt Me earns:


Hi there !
I think you forgot to pay for the website because I can’t access and get this error : “DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN”