[CLOSED] ROYear - Recruiting Team Members


Hey everyone,

Our Team (NobleGames) is currently looking for a Programmer and Builder just in time for the new year. We’re creating a New Year’s party game that has Countdowns to little quests while players wait for the Ball to drop. We’re currently looking for one programmer and one builder to be added to the team. (More Detailed Info can be requested in DMs)
Map Design is based on NYC’s Time Square

You will be required to work on these categories in the game.

  • New Year’s Ball
  • Countdown Clock
  • Quests


  • You will work on the map (Lowpoly is preferred)
  • Detail on Map
  • Setup designs or sketches of ideas

Payment will be given out as a percent of the revenue or a one-time payment after the game is completed. We’re just setting up the project and hopefully get it done by new years. The map is not huge and can be completed by the due date.

We have exciting things to add every year from now on once the game is completed. We hope everyone is excited for ROYear and the hangout for everyone to enjoy. If you’re Interested in these positions please reach out to me (@Reasons2Blox) or @kyptorbx for any more information.

Our Discord link is here


Discord contact for if you’re interested:

Adri#0001 or kypto#1001


This post is now Closed, We’ve found our builders and scripter. Thanks for applying!


Good luck to you, and happy new year.


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