[CLOSED] Runiros - Scripter Portfolio

About me

I am Runiros, a scripter who loves developing games! I started scripting back in 2015 and years of using Roblox Studio have made me very comfortable working in its environment. While I may be unable to script complex frameworks, it is balanced by my overall knowledge of Roblox’s API.


I am currently not for hire, this portfolio is only to showcase my work and what I can do as a developer. The availability and payment sections are only for future reference.


I will be rebuilding this section from the ground up.


I am more looking for small and medium-sized projects that have flexible deadlines. Always be clear about what assets need to be scripted when commissioning me as I tend to underestimate the amount of work needed.

My timezone is Eastern Standard Time (EST) and I mostly develop on weekends.


I only accept Robux as payment since I do not have a PayPal account. Instead of having set prices, I encourage you to be the one offering an amount, but do have the following ranges in mind:

  • If you need me to script specific systems, I expect at least around 2k Robux per system, but it could go as high as 10k Robux depending on its complexity.

  • If you wish to hire me as a long-term scripter, you can either pay me upfront or with a % of revenue although I would need to have a strong interest in your game. Smaller projects are prioritized as they are more likely to be finished. I will ask for around 30k-100k Robux or 20-40% of the game’s revenue depending on my contribution. It could also be a combination of the two.


To contact me, you can message me here on the DevForum. Alternatively, you can message me on Discord or on Twitter. If you want to chat about anything, feel free to add me!

Discord: Runiros#8221
Twitter: @runiros

Thanks for reading!


When will you be finished? You probally should have posted your examples before posting.

I actually want to put the new commissions as the examples. It is also the reason why it will be free, you don’t risk anything at all by requesting something. :wink:

Free? If this is really your work you could at least be charging 1k-10k maybe even more

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For now, I prefer to work without the pressure of having to deliver the quality that might exceed my capabilities. Doing it for free will allow me to work at my own pace, yet be able to populate my portfolio.

Well. If u wanna fill it why not think some ideas up and create them. Such as making more spells. or making like working gui systems

True, but I feel like I should learn to adapt to others’ needs and get out of my comfort zone :/. You have a good point though, it does seem a bit weird to do scripting commissions for free when scripting should be done long-term on a bigger project. I’ll think about it.

Edit: I updated my post (with only one example though)

Are you currently still open? Your discord tag doesn’t seem to be working.

I’m sorry but I’m not open to commissions yet as I have decided to focus on long-term projects instead. As for my discord username, I have changed it. I will update the post now regardless :smile:

I will now start accepting commissions in the following days! Please keep in mind that my availability isn’t the best as I have school to take care of and my own projects to work on.

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I have a few individual script commissions that I have, I sent you a friend request on discord.

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Runiros does very good work, had the pleasure of working with him in Space Outpost Tycoon and he seems to have a ton of scripting knowledge

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Hi, your portfolio is interesting, sent an friend request on discord