[CLOSED] SALE | 2D Drawings by Shamalhamamimi

About Me

Hi people :happy3:! My name is Shamalhamamimi. I’m starting to work as a 2D artist and I will draw your avatar. I will often update the portfolio so that you can see my art style and decide whether or not you like it. I’m still a newbie in this world but I’m sure I can give satisfaction to the ones who believe in me. Also, I actually only have a gig but if my work is appreciated I may start making more, like banners, logos, etc…


  • Please don’t ask for a discount. I may make you a discount for some special reason, but I won’t accept if you ask me. Also for now, since I’ve just started, the prices are very low so there’s no reason to look for a lower one.
  • I don’t start a commission if the payment has not been sent. I do this to prevent scammers to take away my time trying to lower the price or stop responding after the commission is done.
  • There are no refunds unless I decide to. Please don’t ask for one.
  • Robux payments have to be done through group funds. I don’t have shirts at the moment.
  • Please respect my time and don’t be rude as I’m trying hard to make any buyer happy with my work.
  • If you don’t like something about my work you can tell me to edit it, as long as the change is not radical. Please note that revisions are limited.
  • Your commission may be delivered lately as I’m sometimes busy with school or I may be working on another commission, but don’t worry as I will try my best to deliver every commission in time.


I can work every day for 4-6 hours if I’m not busy. You can give me a deadline if you need my work fast, but I can’t always assure you that the work will be delivered by then. If you have any other questions you can personally ask me.

Showcase and pricing

Profile pictures
Price - 50 robux


2 profile pictures
Price - 75 robux

3 profile pictures
Price - 100 robux


You can contact me on Devforum, Twitter, Discord. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.
Devforum: @Shamalhamamimi
Twitter: @Shamalhamamimi
Discord: MQSH#6686

Hope you’ll like my style! :hidere:


Could you make me one!
We can talk on the devforum or discord about details!
Discord: DareDaniel0#7616

I would like one!
My Discord is Yon #2020

contact me on my discord, I would love to draw you : )

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I have sent you a friend request!

Alright, I contacted you on discord!

Very good and talented. He made me a Profile Picture in 4K! Its soooooo good!

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Made a crazy good pfp for me in 4K resolution. Very detailed and looked overall amazing! 10/10 rating!

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Hi how is it going? I changed my tag to nlaps #2020 Btw.

This guy is really an underrated 2d Drawings artist, he makes really good Drawings, and also fast, I suggest you guys hire this epic guy <3, And The price totally SICKKKKKKKKKKKK .

I’ve hired him and I haven’t been disappointed once! He’s a great 2d Drawings designer and I’d recommend him any day!.

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