[CLOSED] Saudade Studios is hiring!

I’ve read your form. Please, send me your portfolio via email.

Hey, I’ve read your form. Please, send me your portfolio via email.

Ok, will do. Thanks.


I have sent an email of my portfolio, Please take time to read it. :smiley:

Hello! I sent a Friend request to your discord. My Username is: EdwardXL#5897!

I’m actually interested in this project, i have some building skills, if you want i can be in this project.

Sure thing. Please, fill out the application and send me your portfolio via email!

I’m interested, my discord is DahRock#9499.

Oh, that’s alright. Many people interested are in that situation. I will be making our working hours a time that will work for us all.

Interested and have sent a request on discord, geedcat is my username, and have completed the form

I’ve done all the steps, I’ll wait for a response on preferably discord.

I am very interested in this offer. I would love to apply as a builder. However, your discord doesnt seem to work… Mine is MrSquirrel#7131. I hope to work with you!

I have done everything needed to apply for this position. Your discord doesnt seem to work. Mine is MrSquirrel#7131

I sent you a friend request! [30 chasirr]

Hello! Please, send me a Discord request [water bottle #2380] and we may discuss further info. Please fill out the application before doing anything and send me your portfolio VIA EMAIL.


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I already Dm the other owner. He has responded, he checked my portfolio and every so I’m not sure what to do.

Hi! I am interested in the environmental designer role! Here is my portfolio! I do not use discord due to a bad experience, please contact me here!

I think you misused the word gaping.
Also, will you need me to do many icons or only one?

I’ll correct that.

Just one, until updates.

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