[CLOSED] Saudade Studios is hiring!

This is an updated version of our last recruitment post.

About Us

Hello, we are Saudade Studios, an upcoming developer company hoping to set about no later than December of this year. We are planning to put together the largest studio on ROBLOX by hiring developers and organizing them into teams to work with that team on the given project. We love to get other peoples input so feel free to suggest, agree, or disagree with the teams ideas.

The Owners

PositiveTal / water bottle #2380

About The Job

We are looking for professional game developers that are hardworking, responds to messages quickly, and can come up with creative solutions to problems. Our first game as a team would be Scrimmage Collision. Below are the jobs we are aiming to hire people for:

Builder ~ @ey7ey7
Scripter[s] ~ @DynamicsWasTaken @You
Graphic Artist[s] ~ @kuyvii @Logimite @PositiveTal
UI Designer[s] ~ @You
3D Modeler[s] ~ @You
Primary Animator ~ @You
Secondary Animator ~ @UJustGotGamed
Clothing Designer; ingame ~ @Manateederp47
Clothing Designer; shop ~ @linchiio @MissMae15

You can view the main idea of the game, what your job would be depending on the given role, our progress and more info here.


We are paying only in :robux:.
Payment will be distributed through group funds. Therefore, you may not be payed until Robux is acquired via T-Shirts, Shirts, Pants, Game Passes & More. However, once Robux is acquired, we will be paying you whatever price you ask us to on your portfolio, unless overpriced. [Payment will be distributed based on how important your job is, meaning, from most crucial to least crucial.]

Contact Us

  • Tal is available via Discord. [water bottle #2380]
  • If she does not respond within 1-2 business weeks, email her. swaggyrobloxdev@gmail.com
  • If you must, she is available through ROBLOX itself or the Developer Forum. It may take her a bit long to respond to you, though. Her username is PositiveTal.

Please, follow these steps if you are interested in the job;

  • Comment on this post that you are interested, along with your Discord information
  • Review this so that you know where we are currently at on Scrimmage Collision.
  • Complete this application TRUTHFULLY and read the agreement thoroughly. If you are applying to be a clothing designer, view this post. Make sure to go over your answers before submitting. (required)
  • Make sure you send Tal your Portfolio via email. (required)
  • Message Tal on ROBLOX or the Dev Forum and let her know you’ve done all of these steps, or, just comment here.
  • Tal will then contact you on Discord or whatever else is best for us to contact you on and will let you know whether you’re accepted into the team or not.

We hope to begin working with you!



I’m interested, and I have added you on Discord. I’ll link my portfolio there. kirsa#2669

I am interested. Check the form for a reply from me.

Hello, I am interested, and I have filled in the form.

I’ve read your form. Please, send me your portfolio via email.

Hey, I’ve read your form. Please, send me your portfolio via email.

Ok, will do. Thanks.


I have sent an email of my portfolio, Please take time to read it. :smiley:

Hello! I sent a Friend request to your discord. My Username is: EdwardXL#5897!

I’m actually interested in this project, i have some building skills, if you want i can be in this project.

Sure thing. Please, fill out the application and send me your portfolio via email!

I’m interested, my discord is DahRock#9499.

Oh, that’s alright. Many people interested are in that situation. I will be making our working hours a time that will work for us all.

Interested and have sent a request on discord, geedcat is my username, and have completed the form

I’ve done all the steps, I’ll wait for a response on preferably discord.

I am very interested in this offer. I would love to apply as a builder. However, your discord doesnt seem to work… Mine is MrSquirrel#7131. I hope to work with you!

I have done everything needed to apply for this position. Your discord doesnt seem to work. Mine is MrSquirrel#7131

I sent you a friend request! [30 chasirr]

Hello! Please, send me a Discord request [water bottle #2380] and we may discuss further info. Please fill out the application before doing anything and send me your portfolio VIA EMAIL.


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I already Dm the other owner. He has responded, he checked my portfolio and every so I’m not sure what to do.