(Closed) Saudade Studios is Hiring

I don’t really understand your message? Maybe resend it.

I will ask the applicant how much they wish to be payed. If it is too much Robux, I will decline the request.

What are the limits to request contern amount of Robux? Example: 10k-20k

We are on a budget, so I’m not sure. It depends on your quality, experience and how long it takes to script what’s on the list. Please message me for further inquiry.

Yes I am, lol. I am paying reasonable prices. I have a whole list of what I’m paying the Devs. Many new groups do that.

Excuse me? Did you not read my message? I never once said I’m paying developers “less.” ALL Developers who actually read the post and talk to me like what was asked know exactly how much they’re being payed. I go off of THEIR prices. If it is too much, they understand. You should review the facts before you assume and state your opinion.

You need to use proper grammar, I do not understand you. There is literally no official payment on this post, if you actually read it. Again, my last message stated I am paying THEIR prices, unless unreasonable. 10K is perfectly fine for mature, serious employees who do their job correctly.

I have actually gotten a decent amount of applications from pretty good scripters. Again, review the facts. I never once stated an exact amount on the post. I said message me.

Yes, that is a contract. My bad.

It is not a contract-like document. I just sign off ensuring I will pay them. Please, leave my post. I would not like to argue with you, this is stupid and not worth my time.

I am not trying to come off as rude, it is just irritating when people state their opinions without reviewing the facts. My apologies.

Also, many groups do the same thing, that does not make it ‘fishy.’

Good day.

"* Please do not reply to the topics in this category unless you are interested in the offer or portfolio.

  • Show respect and professional attitude to offers and recruiters.
  • Assume good faith. Do not ridicule, insult, witch-hunt or overwhelm. Be professional.
  • Bring legal concerns and disputes up through private forum messages with the poster."
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Hey there, I’m learning much of Graphic Design, and I’m interested in your position.

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If you need a Scripter Job as a Scripter - #27 by Th_Nub

Wait sorry not meant for you. Sorry.

If you need Scripter still Job as a Scripter - #27 by Th_Nub

I’m a UI Designer interested in this. My contact is on my portfolio.

Portfolio: [OPEN] Mashdee | UI Designer | Graphics Designer |

Please PM me if you’re interested! I am available via Discord or here.

Great, I’ll view your games soon.

I am interested in animator, I have sent a discord request, my user is ApolloZona#4580

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